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Case against Carville Duncan dismissed

A City Magistrate on Wednesday dismissed an almost GYD$1 million larceny charge against Carville Duncan.

Magistrate Leron Daly ruled that there was insufficient evidence to prove that Duncan had stolen more than GYD$900,000 in director’s fees from the state-owned Guyana Power and Light.

Police had alleged that that on March 31, 2015 at Georgetown, he stole GYD$984,900, property of GPL. He was charged on January 26, 2016.

However, Defence Lawyer Glen Hanoman said the magistrate deemed that a photocopy of a Cabinet decision and oral testimony by former Prime Minister Samuel Hinds about discussions at a Cabinet meeting where the decision to pay Duncan were inadmissible.

Hanoman said the prosecution failed to prove that there was no authorisation for the payment to have been made to Duncan.

It is unclear what this now means for efforts by government to have him step aside as Chairman of the Public Service Commission.

President David Granger has already suspended Duncan from the Chairmanship of the Public Service Commission and member of the Police and Judicial Services Commission, after the Presidential Tribunal had begun hearings to consider his fate.

Duncan has since challenged the legality of the Tribunal in the High Court.

  • rs dasai

    Unclear what? Wake up.

    • Col123

      Hey… Jaggie appointments in the judicial system!!!.. that is clear ….do they conduct random drug testing on magistrates?…They should on some of these bloggers!

      • rs dasai

        If we assume that Granjii’s appointments will rule favourable to Granjji’s dictates, how do we ensure an impartial Judiciary?

        • Col123

          That answer will cost you couple grand in US$…the same instrument that can assure a partial one…

  • Col123

    I share your concerns…I am on the same page for a harmonious, peaceful and developing environment for all Guyanese…rather frustrating to see we are back beyond fifty years pointing fingers..and yes..Colonel (Rtd) US Army…Active duty and Ready Reserve time …31 years..

  • Lancelot Brassington

    I am inclined to agree with you VA. The amount of cases a lawyer wins is an indication of how good he is but not the only indication. Lawyers win cases by one or more of the following; corruption,wheeling and dealing, grandstanding and theatrics, diligent research, hard work and finally scholarship. An attorney general should be someone with a proven record of success via legal scholarship and diligent research. I would have preferred to see Hughes as the AG or if not him,Ramjattan. If Granger did not want an AFC attorney general he should have chosen a non-political lawyer rather than settling for a PNC man who does not fit the mould. Besides, this guy Williams is loud, strident and disrespectful to the bench.
    I hope that when the time arrives (and it is long overdue) only the right people will be given silk whether they be PPP, PNC, AFC, GGG or whatever. Who has to be offended let them be offended. From where i sit Nandlall and Williams are non-starters.