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Cabinet meetings being held at GDF’s Officers’ Mess

Cabinet meetings are now being held at the headquarters of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) because it provides adequate logistics and security, while urgent repairs continue at the Ministry of the Presidency (MoTP) complex on Vlissengen Road, government said in a statement.

“After consideration of a number of options it was found that the vast majority of these venues did not meet several or some of the most important requirements or were unavailable for the times required.

The only venue which met the requirements was the Officers Mess at Camp Ayangana. This venue is being temporarily used for Cabinet Meetings until repair works at the Ministry of the Presidency are complete,” the Department of Public Information said in the statement.

Government assured that extensive search for a suitable space to temporarily host Cabinet Meetings has been conducted.

The main requirements for a temporary alternative venue, government said,  relate to privacy and confidentiality, security, document preparation and reproduction, size, cost, accessibility, parking and minimal disruption to traffic and regular business.The

The urgent repairs to sections of the Presidential Office Complex have resulted in the temporary unavailability of several rooms including the Cabinet Room, said the statement issued by the Ministry of the Presidency.


Government says it is not expected to pay more for use of the GDF’s Officers’ Mess.


  • Emile_Mervin

    Hahaha hahaha! I am laughing at something that is not supposed to he funny! Forget 2020; it’s only for hindsight!

    • eddie

      told you hat a long time ago

  • Col123

    HOLY CHIT !!!…It’s over!!!…May the Believers find respite in Him…and those with money, enough to bribe St Peter!

    • rs dasai


      • Col123

        He will follow the path of Vincent Teekxh .. the dude days are numbered!

  • eddie

    good to see we do have some people that is brave enough to lay the blame where it belong

  • eddie

    why don’t you ask “the few that think that this country belong to them” from the PPP ,,,,,,,,,,, if they had the interest of the poor and the country as a whole they would have never make the people of this country have to start see the past coming back to haunt them,,,,,,, if as they claim it was rigged with then in charge do you think there is any hope of them getting back in there ,,, and you’ll still have ur god as the leader of the party,,, the changes came about because the forces wanted the cut the head off the snake and if he and his supporter will not acknowledge that this government can do what the hell they want as long as the body of the snake is still running the show ” a party being run by a headless snake” DIRECTION PLEASE

  • Lancelot Brassington

    I was shocked until the reason was explained. Your security cannot be any better than when you are at army headquarters plus there are the other factors.This is not a long term arrangement by any means.Would any of the critics like to recommend an alternative venue. This whole furor looks like much ado about nothing.

    • Col123

      LB…you are missing a point…it is not what it is…it is the optics!

      • Lancelot Brassington

        The media did not break this story Col. There was a public announcement. If anything sinister was afoot there would not have been a public announcement. If the media had broken this story then that would have been something.If its only about ‘optics’ then it is about nothing. That’s the point I’m making.

  • Col123

    Hey brother Craig.. more and more, it looks like those COOLIE fed you some bad chit in curry… that chit is now functioning as your brain bro!!..them GDF is a welfare system for lazy azz folks… get with the program!

  • Col123

    “serving ” your country??…What are their contributions to Guyana??? …other than living off the taxpayers with three hots , cot, clothes and housing… and stuffing ballot boxes!

  • Col123

    So you could not come up with a contribution of the GDF…and you are deluded enough to believe that I am an Indo PPP!…. Bro… I am a a graduate of a famous black University in DC…and …Be careful what you wish for..

    • Craig Hughes

      Don’t insult that slang word “bro,” like I said you are a CLOWN. Reading is fundamental, I stated an achievement, a plus, for having a DEFENSE FORCE. By the way, I am a proud graduate of Hunter College. You?