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Two charged with murder of Gafoor’s Manager

by Abigail Semple

Two men were Wednesday charged for the murder of a manager of Gafoor’s  at his East Bank Demerara home two months ago.

Terry Lackhan.

Terry Lackhan.

According to the facts read out by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan, on July 21, 2016 at Herstelling East bank Demerara, David Outar, 24 years old, and Patrick Ross, 22 years old, murdered 55-year old Terry Lakhan during the course of a robbery.

Outar, a Gafoors employee, represented by attorney at law Gwendolyn Bristol and the unrepresented Ross from Toolsie Persaud Limited, were not required to plead to the indictable charge and they were remanded to prison until October 25, 2016.

Police had initially treated Lakhan’s death as suicide because a rope had been found around his neck in the lower flat of his apartment at Back Street, Herstelling. A neighbour had reportedly seen someone running out of the man’s yard prior to the discovery of his body.


  • Col123

    You are comparing apples and oranges, when you included the US… You exposed your lack of any concept of American and Afro American history. You should have stuck to your premise…period!…stick with Guyana history, politics..etc… Now, you have the right to your opinion about capital punishment …I know that the state has no business executing its citizen. Then you remark about those PPP people killing 400+ Guyanese…you need to discount the one who was discovered drown in a canal clutching his AK47…there is evidence of others killed in fire by their own comrades…

    • PETER

      If you live in the US or know anything of the US and it’s History of African Americans then you wouldn’t write this balderdash, go to the newly opened New Smithsonian museum chronicling black history and then talk to me. As to the US constitution it was written for all Americans but somehow the people who are in power and are suppose to uphold it forgot that it meant to include The American Indians and the Blacks.
      When you hire a drug dealer(roger khan) to go around Guyana killing people it’s called murder and extra judicial murder. Remember jagdeo, lunchman, rohee and ramsammy said they didn’t know him and gajraj is suffering for Alzheimer’s disease he don’t remember anything.

      • Col123

        I would not refer to your papers because you may not have any…I had four yrs mandatory pre requisites African and Afro American history/studies despite my science major at Howard…so shut the hell up!