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Bogus customers rob feed-shop owner of cash, valuables

An elderly feed shop owner, his daughter-in-law and several other persons were terrorized by two armed bandits who carted off cash and other valuables.

Items stolen include Ipads, Iphones,  sales amounting to more than GYD$15,000 and jewellery.

The attack was staged  Tuesday at about 9 AM by two men, who pretended to be customers at the feed shop located at  Temple Street, Ogle, East Coast Demerara.

Shopkeeper, 72-year old Neville Sooklall said the men attacked his daughter-in-law as she was about to complete a sale of rice bran with one of them.

He said after one of them snatched the GYD$1,000 back from the woman, the bandits ordered them to go inside the living quarters of the building where they demanded cash and jewels. The robbers threatened to shoot three other persons , who were in the building at the time, if they raised an alarm.

The men fled the scene on motorcycle.

Tuesday’s armed robbery is the latest in a spate of such incidents on the lower East Coast Demerara and lower East Bank Demerara.

  • Lance Vance

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  • rudeo

    buffoons galore….more to follow…..politicians playing dolly house

  • Gtloyal

    Looks like some memoryless, shallow minded stooges here just sit waiting to have someone robbed so that they can have an opportunity to criticize the government. It seems to make them happy. But, is all this happening by chance, or is it, as conspiracy theorists say, a purposeful macabre plot to destabilize? Can there be politicians who are silently encouraging criminals?