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Arrest warrants issued for drug lord Barry Dataram, reputed wife

by Abigail Semple

Barry Dataram

Barry Dataram

Arrest warrants were Tuesday issued for self-confessed drug lord, Barry Dataram and his reputed wife, Anjanie Boodnarine, after they failed to turn up in court to know whether they would have to lead a defence or would be freed of a cocaine trafficking charge.

City Magistrate, Judy Latchman ordered two other co-accused – Kevin Charran and Trevor Gouveia- who turned up in court to return on Friday, September 23, 2016 for the continuation of the matter. Latchman warned the duo that if they too also fail to turn up for court, she would also issue arrest warrants for them.

The four are facing trial for allegedly being in possession of  129.230 kilogrammes (284 pounds) of cocaine. The Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) states that the narcotic was found on April 16, 2015 at Dataram’s  house located at 661 Silver Dam, Fourth Avenue, Diamond Housing Scheme.

Defence Lawyer, Glenn Hanoman told the court that Dataram had promised to appear in court on Tuesday but when he did not see him he called several times to no avail. He said a woman called back but before he could ask where was his client, the phone cut off.

Hanoman said Dataram and Boodnarine have a good record of attendance so he was unsure if an emergency might have prevented them from turning up on Tuesday.

If the magistrate finds that sufficient evidence has been found to make any or all of the accused culpable, they would be required to lead a defence.

Already, a total of 692 parcels of cocaine, a multi-coloured box that contained utensils and a white fridge have been already admitted into evidence.

The United States (US) had once tried to extradite Dataram to face drug trafficking charges, but after a series of legal challenges the High Court had ruled several years ago that the extradition agreement did not sufficiently protect him from being extradited to a third country.

  • eddie

    the bells are starting to toll for these blood suckers,,, I have no sympathy for people like these knowing what these drugs have done to countless families

  • Col123

    This chap must answer the charges and face the consequences if found guilty. The environmental economy of illegal drugs is a separate challenge. The larger issue points to the US and elsewhere where the peddling of drugs and destruction of lives and families are of less importance. The solution to reduce the use of illicit drugs is simple and inexpensive …but would prove disastrous to environmental economics. DEA is just another useless bureaucracy…


    This piece of Garbage should of been in jail a long time ago, but when the US government requested his extradition the ppp and their justice system released him back on Guyana streets, he subsequently was caught doing his drug business again and was arrested and the Chief Justice Ian Chang released him back on Guyana streets, then this piece of Garbage tried to implicate the local CANU and the present government took this known liar and drug dealer serious enough to listen to what he had to say.
    Trash like this will sell their Mothers and Children to stay free, only when they are faced with life sentences or death sentences they speak a semblance of the truth.
    The people who are responsible for him getting bail should be held responsible and face the consequences.

  • Ah Nanimus

    How about going after alcohol, cigarettes and fast food which have destroyed countless lives?

    • Col123

      No need to go after those folks… Their health with that lifestyle choice provide adequate restrictions for a full productive enjoyable longevity .

  • Parbudin Mackanlall

    Is it fat girl or white folks?

  • eddie

    an attorney at all time is supposed to present the best case possible for there client so don’t blame Glen here, what is troubling is that these individual seem to have inside information about the judge next move which just goes to show the troubling judicial system that we have