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Guyanese among three robbers shot dead in Suriname

By Ivan Cairo

PARAMARIBO, Suriname- After a failed robbery attempt Saturday night in the north of the Surinamese capital of Paramaribo, police here say they have shot and killed three of the suspected robbers including one Guyanese.

A fourth suspect who was also shot sustained non-life-threatening injuries was arrested.

The suspects are said to be two Jamaicans, one Guyanese and one Surinamese national. Meanwhile one of the dead assailants has been identified as a Surinamese convict who escaped from the Hazard Prison in Nickerie four years ago.

No names of the dead men were immediately available.

According to a police report officers in the Geyersvlijt Police Bureau received information regarding an ongoing robbery at a supermarket in the Anamoestraat and dispatched a unit to investigate.

The shopkeeper disclosed that four men, two wearing masked and armed with a shotgun and pistol, raided the supermarket and held the him and his wife at gunpoint. While the bandits were tying the couple the man screamed for help and subsequently a neighbour came to their rescue.

The suspects fled the scene with the loot and a security guard who at the time was passing by gave chase. The gunmen fired several shot at the guard who luckily remained unharmed while the windshield of his car was shattered.

Eventually the robbers were cornered by police and during a shoot-out with the lawmen, three of them sustained serious injuries an were pronounced dead at the scene. Officers recovered a shotgun with the barrel and butt cut off and part of the loot.

Meanwhile in the aftermath at least three suspects were arrested, including two women one of whom was the partner of one of the dead men. Information indicate that the suspects were shot merely 30 yards from their home. When one of the women saw the body of her husband she became hysterical, which subsequently led police to her home.

At that place officers recovered several items which appeared to be the loot from previous robberies. One man and thee two women who were present were arrested and currently assisting police wwith the investigations.

  • Col123

    Freedom fightas!..or good policing?…or their corrupt govt taught them to steal?

  • Lance Vance

    Look’s like Guyana has a Caribbean crime network now. According to what Granger said a couple weeks ago the Surinamese shouldn’t have killed the Guyanese but they should have kept him as our ambassador.

    • Craig Hughes

      Well Lance, that crime network you speak of, was started by your HERO, convicted drug pusher ROGER KHAN and your boy JAGDEO, oh, you did not know?

      • eddie

        these type of animals were in existence long before Roger or Jaggy remember in the good old days of fat boy they had a license to kick people door down rob , rape and kill them so people like you can come here and conveniently forget the truth of origin and tell a bareface lie time will always catch up with the evil ones so we should always be careful with our view regardless if its protective or selective

  • Tim

    why are they handcuffed

  • Lance Vance

    i am so appy i can dance with out music,long live evil ganga,kill them sku?? when them come to your house,them na wok & put A cent de.