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APNU, AFC Councillors call for Town Clerk to go

APNU+AFC Councillor, Andreia Marks calling for the Town Clerk, Royston King to go as she sat at Tuesday's (September 13, 2016) Statutory Meeting.

APNU+AFC Councillor, Andreia Marks calling for the Town Clerk, Royston King to go as she sat at Tuesday’s (September 13, 2016) Statutory Meeting.

Deputy Mayor, Sherod Duncan and fellow Georgetown City Councillor Andriea Marks on Tuesday signalled that they would team up with each other to spearhead a campaign for the removal of Town Clerk, Rosyton King.

Marks’ first salvo was the hoisting of two two placards during the City Council’s statutory meeting to vent her frustration at the way King is managing the city especially the sudden removal of vendors most of whom  are APNU+AFC coalition supporters.

“Royston King Must Go,” read the placards that were held up by Marks, a vendor-rights advocate.

“I feel that Royston King is getting disrespectful to the Council. We all were voted there by people and to represent the citizens of this country,” she said. She said that many persons opted to vend during the past 23 years under the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) because there were no jobs and now they are being treated unfairly.

“I don’t have a problem that they want to clean up the City. I’m a hundred percent behind it but it is the way how Royston King is doing it. Give the people a day’s notice,” she told Demerara Waves Online News.

The Councillor said she was open to exchanging concerns about the Town Clerk with the Deputy Mayor. “I just hope that I get the support from the rest of Councillors. As long as I get the support from the rest of Councillors, then we good to go,” she said.

City Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green and Town Clerk, Royston King.

City Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green and Town Clerk, Royston King.

Already, City Mayor Patricia Chase-Green let her position known with regards to calls for King to be ousted from the appointed rather than elected office which ultimately comes under political control of the Minister responsible for Local Government, Ronald Bulkan.

“If you want the Town Clerk to go, no one man can get up and say he must go and you just can’t get up and say that the Town Clerk must go. You have to have reasons and you have to have legitimate reasons. And I have said to the Town Clerk time and time again that if he can’t manage his officers well then this council can manage him. There is no hidden agenda there,” she told the Statutory meeting.

The Deputy Mayor said he was contemplating moving a no-confidence motion against King over his apparent poor management of the council.

Duncan, who is from the Alliance For Change (AFC),  told Demerara Waves Online News that he would likely hold talks with A Partnership for National Unity’s (APNU) Marks to co-sponsor the motion.

FLASH BACK: President David Granger flanked by Deputy Mayor, Sherod Duncan and Mayor Patricia Chase-Green during the Guyanese leader's address to Councillors earlier this year.

FLASH BACK: President David Granger flanked by Deputy Mayor, Sherod Duncan and Mayor Patricia Chase-Green during the Guyanese leader’s address to Councillors earlier this year.

The Deputy Mayor said he would likely table a motion to that effect as early as the next Statutory Meeting scheduled to be held before month-end. “I have lost confidence in our Town Clerk and I am contemplating bringing a motion of no-confidence maybe at the next statutory,” he said.

He noted that at the weekend President David Granger described the removal of vendors from Robb Street between Alexander and Bourda Streets as “reckless.”  Duncan is also still upset about the removal of vendors from the Stabroek Market square, the secret negotiation of the parking meter agreement, the imposition of the container tax and a number of incomplete multi-million dollar projects. “Everything that this Town Clerk is involved in, I cannot point to any success,” said the Deputy Mayor. He recalled that it was President Granger who had told the City Council that there must be consultation in the local government body.

Cracks recently emerged in the APNU+AFC ranks around the City Council Chamber’s horse-shoe table over the process and lack of transparency about a parking meter agreement between the City administration and Smart City Solutions. Amid widespread public discontent, Central government later intervened by analysing the contract and making several recommendations. Council is yet to reach agreement on the recently amended agreement which can be read by councillors only if they visit the Town Clerk or Mayor’s office.

President Granger also recently met with the Mayor, a number of Councillors and representatives of the private sector  to find a mechanism to determine new revenue generation measures.

  • Emile_Mervin

    After King’s experience during the PPP-Sooba era, his attitude today is out of line with expectations of those who believe politicians serve people and not the mere interests of politicians. Sadly, King is not the only Coalition member with this self-interest attitudinal approach to political service.

    • george wiltshire

      This is the attitude of most of the Overseer in the Neighbourhood Councils. They are being encouraged by the politicians. They operated under a broken system and now cannot come to grips that there are going to be changes for the right.

    • Col123

      EM..your normal double take in what you mean which deserves two answers…blame the PPP for his attitude or the prince guy is a jackass…will say that it is good writing skills.

  • Emile_Mervin

    True that Burnham banned imported foods and true that Guyanese took to traveling to buy food items for re-sale in Guyana. In 1992, the PPPs job was to do better than the PNC, including jobs creation in a nation of less than a million people and endless possibilities for development. The PPP, even with a solid voting majority along ethnic lines to assure perpetuity in power, dropped the ball. It became a self-serving party.

    In came the PNC-dominated Coalition in 2015, with promises to fight corruption and create jobs, yet it is 0 for 2. The hope for genuine change remains a fleeting illusion.

    I maintain that Guyana would have been better off under the British, as obtains in parts of the Caribbean.

    • eddie

      I maintain that Guyana would have been better off under the British, as obtains in parts of the Caribbean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to sadly concur on this observation,,,as Guyanese we are a bunch self servicing people when in power that cater to our friends and family and have no qualm about the suffering of our fellow citizen,,, and what is more sad is put our people in a different country and we get along so good and proud to call our self Guyanese but hates each others when we are in our beautiful country ,,,

      • Col123

        Eddie, I know that EM and you mean well for Guyana…BUT … It is depressing for us to take a defeatist attitude as a nation… feeling that we cannot govern ourselves..a highly literate one at that too. There are prime examples of multi ethnic/ cultural /religious groups elsewhere working together, developing their communities and country, without the hate and ethnic division. Colonialism is a thing of the past…it will not bode well to add the “white ” folks to the equation . Those massa days are long gone and would be a detriment to the future of this beautiful country. I will leave you with this…any big brother to Guyana would be akin to Puerto Rico and USA …The brains and labor drain will be a nightmare.

        • eddie

          for 50 years this country had politician that master the art of stealing and helping there clans and you think a little big brother will make us less of a nation,,,,,,,,,,,,,, tell you what the highly literate nation need to be put back in class and the teacher need to redouble there effort in letting them know that having an education is not the recipe to be a crook but to lead and make other that come in to your path a better person and that is not defeatist attitude but acknowledge your fault and making oneself better for moving forward ,,,if you think this nation would ever enjoyed the vision that you see other countries accomplish with the cast of politician on both aisle that divide to conquer WELL then I will tell you MARS have finally been inhabit and you are communicating with us

          • Col123

            Eddie , I have seen the pits of hell in El Salvador after their civil war. Lakes with dead bodies..thousands of dead bodies…Different groups of people can live together and progress. There is always a way forward…

          • eddie

            I get your point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we should hasten that process and have lakes with dead bodies

          • Col123

            Civil disturbance is nasty , war is another devil…No..never met the current NYC Mayor. I was in Chalatenango..the mountainous area ..

          • eddie

            hey I am just queuing off of your statement,,, you have to break some eggs to make an omelet

        • Emile_Mervin

          When almost half the nation lives in White man lands and the other half remains at home either catching hell or trying to get out of hell, colonialism does not look as bad anymore.

          I watch HGTV a lot and live when it features Caribbean and Latin American countries, and those that are still under British rule are so much more prosperous and stable.

          In Guyana, the White man brought Blacks as slaves and Indians as indentured servants, then the descendants of slaves and servants turned against the White man. The White bailed out and now the descendants of slaves and servants are fighting over the land.

          Do you see my point?

          • Col123

            Point taken…BUT..look those independent Spanish colonies South and Central America , you can see clearly where the blue eyes, blonde whites are at the top of the “food chain” in all services/administration , including the military…can you imagine the upheaval in Guyana with that structure…I have first hand experience with that exposure in El Salvador in the 90s after their civil war and in Equador and Paraguay.

  • Col123

    I view the back and forth between the city elected folks as a powerful and positive representation of the voters. At least there isn’t any fyah in GT…and no protesting mobs. What a relief!..It is expected that only progress will be the way forward, with a good outcome for all…Two new markets should be built at the bordering outskirts of the city at east coast and east bank entrances…. Where are the investors?

  • Col123

    Partition ?..Get real Charles…