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Four year old dies in accident; police question how 19-year old drunken driver obtained van licence

Guyanese police are investigating a fatal accident which occurred about 10 O’clock Saturday night, at the corner of Garnette and Sheriff Streets, which resulted in the death of 4 years old Abiola Providence of Newtown Kitty.

Enquiries disclosed that the deceased and two of her relatives were in the back seat of Motor car PMM 1426 which was proceeding south on Sheriff Street.

The car stopped at the centre of the junction of the aforementioned streets and in the process of turning west, motor vehicle GPP 3500 which was proceeding north collided with the left of the car, and resulted in the infant being flung through the window and onto the roadway. She was rushed to the G.P.H.C and was pronounced dead on arrival.

The two other occupants, Abiola Trotman and Cheryl Williams, who received injuries, have been admitted at the said institution. Their conditions are regarded as stable.

The driver of the car who was unhurt, is in police custody.

Meanwhile, the driver of the other vehicle, who is said to be 19 years old, is presently a patient at Woodlands Hospital. He was tested and found to be above the legal alcohol limit.

An investigation is being conducted on how this 19 years old driver came to be in possession of a licence for a van.

  • GOP Voter

    Different government but same shit. The media is a afraid to name the ’19 year old driver” because he is a business man son with powerful connections.

    • rudeo

      we voted for CHANGE

  • Quantum

    Reckless driving! Why drink so much when you know you are going to be driving???
    Innocent child died as a result #unnecessary

  • Ah Nanimus

    My deepest sympathies. Sounds like the child wasn’t buckled in. Could have saved her. Very sad.

  • Ashley Singh

    ‘How did the 19 year old driver get a license?’ Everyone , i would suggestthat everyone knows the answer. Take away the authority from the police to issue the relevant competency tests and replace it with another agency. Amen!

  • rudeo

    have a dot(department of transport) set up…..licencing is not a police duty