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Essequibo Coast barber shot and robbed; suspects caught with gun, jewellery

A well-known Essequibo Coast barber was shot and robbed outside his home early Saturday morning and several hours later two suspects were caught while attempting to leave the region, police said. 
Divisional Commander Kevin Adonis said Troy ‎’Akee’ Hercules was shot in his leg outside his home at Henrietta and has been admitted to the Suddie Hospital for the bullet to be removed.  
Adonis said one of the suspects was caught before he boarded the ferry at Supenaam. The other one managed to leave on the ferry, but based on a tip off he was ntercepted at the Parika Ferry Stelling with a quantity of the jewellery believed to have been stolen from Hercules and one. 32 pistol and 11 matching rounds. 

Investigators are treating the incident as a robbery, but several members of the community believe that it was a hit. 

Police said Hercules left a barbecue at about 3 AM, and was attacked while locking the gate to his premises.
  • Lancelot Brassington

    Are my eyes playing tricks on me or do criminals come in all types and sizes. Maybe they were set up or maybe they are being accused wrongfully. Or maybe they just want to lead a life of crime instead of seeking to earn an honest dollar. Where is that girl Amanda? I have not heard her recently.

  • Col123

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  • Ranji Beharry

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  • Danny Persaud

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