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Gloomy road ahead for increased police salaries

Despite an ongoing brain-drain of trained members of the Guyana Police Force (GPF), Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan on Wednesday ruled out those law enforcement personnel receiving higher salaries because other government employees would also demand increases.

“It is very difficult at this stage to increase salaries. The minute you start increasing policemen salaries, the nurses are going to jump on our backs, public servants will go, the teachers will want increases,” he told reporters.

The A Partnership for National Unity+ Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) coalition had promised during the 2015 general elections campaign to increase police salaries by 20 percent. Now Ramjattan, who is the AFC’s leader, said higher salaries is hinged on improved economic performance. “Unless we have a better day and we are hoping that we are soon going to have a better day. With rice and sugar doing so badly these days, we really at this time can’t do anything but to plead with them that a better day will come and let them join the police force and struggle it out,” he said

With the Guyana Police Force (GPF) short of its full strength by 1,000 persons, Ramjattan said that by the time a number of them would have been trained they obtain visas and they migrate or they get better paying jobs.

Finance Minister, Winston Jordan has already said that government does not have sufficient money to keep the coalition’s election promise to pay members of the Guyana Police Force.

  • Emile_Mervin

    This is all the more reason why the Coalition should not have given its cabinet members pay raises within 6 months of replacing the PPP.

    Furthermore, the Coalition has no genuine ground right now to tell police officers not to seek or take bribes or even engage in criminal behavior to supplement their salaries.

    The settlement with BK has to make every cop re-think urges to operate straight and clean. I can literally see the PPP back in the saddle in 2020 (if elections are not rigged or indefinitely postponed), because people are slowly coming around to the belief things were better under a corrupt PPP regime.

    Not that this is right, but the Coalition is not offering palatable alternativeso to inspire public confidence things are getting better.

    • rudeo

      Bozo lie…..economy not doing well?….ask Winston……motion rice gat in pot it nah gat in plate……one thing to promise on the campaign trail…..another thing to deliver

      • Col123

        rice only jump in pot without meat….somebody took the meat out of these folks rice…old time Trini /Bajan calypso …

    • Arthur Young

      The 50% was retroactive to July1.

  • Col123

    Is this chap a lawyer?… Is this the best that Guyana has to offer…It was OK for the govt to “jump ” on the taxpayers back… but these chaps are worried about teachers and nurses jumping on their backs for a raise… Somehow, I am not disappointed…they must think that that Guyanese enjoy having them on their backs…Rice and sugar doing badly he said…another minister said the economy is booming!…with the GDP reaching for the we will see the education of the criminal continues some suggested .. the the criminals learned to be crooks , the last 23 yrs..the potential thieves are now gifted with professional thieves in govt…the will learn fast to ply the Pres. self employment program …