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Badly battered body of missing fisherman found in sandpit

The badly battered body of a fisherman, who was reported missing two days ago, was found Wednesday in a sandpit at Number 68 Village, Corentyne.

Police in East Berbice have since arrested five persons who they believe can share vital information about the circumstances surrounding the death of 26-year old Levan Chanderpaul.

Marks of violence including bruises on his face, ears, head, neck and scrotum were seen by police who examined the body at the scene.

Based on the condition of the area, police believed that the man was beaten elsewhere and his body taken to the sandpit.

Residents remembered last seeing the man Monday night at about 7 O’clock.

After his mother reported to police that her son had gone missing, search teams were deployed but to no avail.

It took a boy, who was grazing animals, to raise an alarm when he spotted the body shortly after  3 PM Wednesday in the sandpit which is located less than one mile from the Number 68 Village Public Road. One of the search teams responded to the screaming boy who led them to the area.

Chanderpaul was widely known in his village as a heavy smoker and drinker.

  • Rexy Romeo

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  • Rexy Romeo

    AN EYE FOR AN EYE does not make the world see…Stop focus on JAGGY….He is the past…Why are we living the PAST….Have you been reading the news on what is happening with crime rate in GUYANA…Why do you think CANADA blacklist them? Corruption and dead economy forcing people to thief….BURHNAM ERA is back in Guyana….Kick down doors and robbery…This man is making ROHEE look good….But me hear he get coc-eye so I would not doubt he does look east and see west….