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Nagamootoo urges worker training for oil sector; CCWU concerned about insufficient govt funding for Critchlow Labour College

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo (left) and President of the Clerical and Commercial Workers Union, Sherwood Clarke next to him at the opening of the union's 4th Triennial Delegates Conference.

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo (left) and President of the Clerical and Commercial Workers Union, Sherwood Clarke next to him at the opening of the union’s 4th Triennial Delegates Conference.

At a time when concerns are being raised about insufficient government funding for the Critchlow Labour College, Guyana Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo urged the labour movement to help train workers for the oil and gas sector.

Speaking at the weekend at the Clerical and Commercial Workers’ Union’s (CCWU) 4th Triennial Delegates Conference, he said trade unions must rise to the challenge of new and innovative period in Guyana’s history.

“Your union has a responsibility to face up to the new challenge that as Guyana is gearing to become an oil and gas producing-state…It brings with it a new challenge that you have to have a trained workforce who no longer can do the things they did in an ‘anyhow’ manner,” he said. He said the time for unpunctuality and irregularity and delivery of poor quality service must be replaced by more discipline, greater productivity, more commitment and the ability to retrain and re-tool themselves in areas such as petroleum studies and service delivery.

“The oil and gas industry will produce workers who will demand services of all types- to deliver food, hygienic standards so that the challenge will be there to gear its membership to deliver the commitment,” he said.

ExxonMobil, the American oil giant, is preparing to pump oil  from offshore Guyana by 2020.

The Prime Minister urged delegates to recognise the long fight for workers rights in the trade union and political arena such as the Political Affairs Committee and its successor People’s Progressive Party (PPP).

“When you have compulsory union recognition you take that very seriously… the right to collective bargaining to discuss with your bosses, based on agreement what your entitlements are and what your benefits are, have been won by struggle and should not be taken away,” he said.

Before Nagamootoo’s address, CCWU President Sherwood Clarke called on government and the Guyana Trades Union Congress to end their bickering over the insufficient subvention to the Critchlow Labour College (CLC). “I wish to seize the opportunity to plead with the government to accommodate the labour movement in dialogue with a view to amicably resolving the issue of an annual subvention for the college,” he said.

Expressing concern about the situation at the CLC, Clarke said that institution no longer confines itself to trade union education. “It is exceeding more broad-based education opportunities for all, including government workers. I am sure that it is in keeping with the government’s programme which is premised on the conclusion that the door to national prosperity and an end to poverty is through education,” he said.

The Critchlow Labour College (CLC) has refused an estimated GYD$15 million subvention because it was less than half of what the previous government had provided to that institution.

Finance Minister Winston Jordan said that is all government could afford and other trade unions’ education initiatives are also receiving grants that would amount to more than GYD$30 million.

General Secretary of the Guyana Trades Unions Congress (GTUC), Lincoln Lewis announced on Sunday  that the CLC was allocated a GYD$5 million subvention in 2015, but when the GYD$15 million was allocated in this year’s budget that labour and adult education institution refused to draw down the funds.

  • Emile_Mervin

    Subvention for CLC does not facilitate kickbacks. Government settlement with business con artists featuring millions of US dollars…well, that’s where the loot gets spread and the greedy suckers fill up their pockets, wallets and bank accounts.

    Everyday the Coalition is paving the road for the PPP to return to power, but I guess by that time, the current crop of brainiac thieves will have had their fill and moved on.

  • Col123

    The CLC just embarrassed this govt with refusal publicly, of their “measly ” subvention. Here comes this bare face jenny donkey braying and making demands…oops!!..forgot that he learned how to live the life and bray during the last 23 yrs..

  • RLSG

    The APNU+AFC having lost their credibility when they gave themselves a big fat raise cannot with a straight face reduce funding for an educational institution ..but then .. this is Guyana where anything goes .. and absolute power corrupts absolutely ..

  • Gtloyal

    ” … NAGA man is trained on the SAME words ECHOED by SOJA BAI! …” Your Naga man was trained by one Cheddi Jagan. Do you remember who that was?

    • Col123

      Get your criteria sets straight.. carrying CJ bag is not training by any measure…and why are you knocking Harmon jock strap,…the man is feeling the pressure…without him giving governance to your dieties, we would have been in the plenty fyah mode..GT would have been on fyah..

      • Gtloyal

        There you go again! Getting angry and offensive. Dont judge others according to your standards. We are not in the same category. Anyway, like Monsieur Voltaire, I’ll defend your right to say whatever you want to say. Freedom of speech we call it. But control y’self.
        At times I am inclined to pity you poor folks who definitely will have difficulties to withstand your forty years in the wilderness. By then your fold will be rid of this generation who do not accept Moses … this unbelieving generation that will never step foot in OP much less ever get close to David’s throne!
        Well, don’t take it on … you’re not Jews. Be happy!

        • Col123

          You are a brotha as I am…lootay is in our blood

          • Gtloyal

            Can’t you do more than assume, presume, imagine, suppose, speculate …?
            What’s in your blood is yours and yours only and I ain’t your brother.

          • Col123

            I am never surprised with you religious folks imposing on Moses /David …and carrying all that hateful bile… a dose of Epsom salt can clean out your gall bladder …

          • Gtloyal

            First you tried branding us “religious” as if that can be derogatory, then you tried racism by saying pejoratively that we are of the osu caste, together with other supposedly offensive remarks. Well, I am not surprised. I did realize some time ago that your intellectual level does not permit you to carry on a decent discussion or formulate a constructive argument so you rely on offensive, inappropriate expressions to save face. This is typical of those who oppose this government today. We have seen it do many times. Small brains, big mouth.
            Have a nice evening.

          • Col123

            Religious folks should not be hypocrites… that was my point to you….and I hope that you never need a blood transfusion…our blood has only incidental variance..and congratulations on your high intellectual level…

          • Gtloyal

            As I asked before: can’t you find something edifying to say? Or to do. Look, come do something for your country. Make a difference.

          • Col123

            I was ethnically cleansed from Guyana in the early 60’s…I can only thank the PNC for the opportunities I have encountered …

          • Gtloyal

            Well, I don’t know if anyone here will shed any for you now. You should know.
            These blogs excite your interest … so you feel free to insult national leaders and bloggers alike? Good example to the young ‘uns. No wonder … your leader does the same.

          • Col123

            Oops!! forgot that you are an osu caste brotha..