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Region Seven eyes hydro-power plant

The administration of Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) hopes to revive plans to build a hydro-power station at Paruima Falls as part of efforts to kick-start agro-processing ventures in that area, Regional Chairman, Gordon Bradford said Friday.

“The river doesn’t dry. It always has water, Bradford told Demerara Waves Online News. He plans to lobby central government when Junior Minister of Public Infrastructure, Annette Ferguson visits the region shortly.

The Regional Chairman recalled that then Prime Minister Samuel Hinds had dispatched a team to visit that area where the electricity generating facility could be built. If that project gets off the ground, Bradford said Paruima, Waramadong and Kamarang could be electrified.

One of the plans, he said, that the communities are interested in is the processing of fruits into juices. Ït’s an area with a lot of possibilities, they can produce a lot of stuff,” he said.

Bradford said if the Paruima Hydro-power station is built, it would also save government millions of dollars that are being spent annually on fossil fuel for the generators.

The Government Information Agency (GINA) reported that the proposal that is being made by the councillors is in keeping with government’s plan of creating a green economy. Bartica located in the region received township earlier this year and is leading the way as a model green town.

President David Granger in October 2015 announced a five -point plan towards creating the green economy. The plan includes the promotion of the sustainable exploitation of the country’s natural resources.

Bradford noted that the aim of the project is to improve the standard of living for residents in Upper- Mazaruni as it will benefit several communities.

“In Paruima and other villages, the land is very fertile and so the agricultural output is enormous and the potential is enormous,” the chairman stated.

Additionally, GYD$200M has already been secured by government for the setting up a hydropower facility in Moco Moco, Region Seven which will come on stream shorty.

That facility will not only improve the living standards of the residents, but also provide hundreds of jobs. Construction of the Moco Moco hydropower project is expected to commence by the end of 2016.


  • FDG

    I thought Moco Moco was in region ten …. Is there another Moco Moco in region seven

    • Moco- Moco deh all ova de country…….all in dem countryside trenches dat gat camoudi and alligator …….ah can sell yuh plenty.

  • John Wensley

    de junior minista is like de senior minister ,, neither of the two doan know dem ass fum dem elbow ,, like de university “adjunct” professah dr.BUBALUP an the other “mischief maker”… freddie de freak !! BUBALUP deh pon “scale-down” ,, caz he run out of of anything — truth about dis political sciemtist[????] is dat he like de junior minista an de ress ah’de GANG in de political matrix ,, fuh mo’dan FIFTY years << doan know dem ass fum dem elbow !!…. an dat is all meh come hay to seh !!

  • JuanMcLeland

    Here we go again . Just get started on Amaila Falls Hydro project . This coalition government is slow to build on gains made by the PPP administration .