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Japanese holidaying in Guyana robbed; suspect held with stolen item

Three Japanese and a taxi driver have been robbed of a large quantity of cash and electronic equipment, and police have since arrested a woman with one of the stolen items.

“The victims ,who are holidaying, went sightseeing when they were pounced upon by three males armed with handguns, who relieved them of the articles and escaped in a motor car without any registration number plate,” the Guyana Police Force said in a statement.

Investigators said the Japanese nationals and taxi driver Abdool Rahim, 38 years, of Canal No. 2, West Bank Demerara were robbed at about 1:10 PM on Tuesday August 09, 2016, at Ogle Seawall, East Coast Demerara.

Items carted off included  two video cameras valued GYD$560,000.00, one laptop valued GYD$300,000.00, GYD$820,000.00 cash, four cellular phones valued GYD$300,000.00 and 23 video tapes valued $106,000.00.

Police on Thursday have arrested a female with one of the stolen articles. She is assisting with the investigation.


  • Col123

    I really thought Japanese are smart folks who understand how to survive in this world…Their visit to Guyana on vacation makes me wonder about their intelligence…that should be a lesson to them…

  • Col123

    Why should ANYONE be afraid to go about their business anywhere in Guyana?… Or travel anywhere in Guyana with fear of attack or being robbed?.. Why we as a society have to depend on the useless GPF?..and you can pivot and ask which country is safe from crime…and that can be reflective…

  • Col123

    I support our government’s position not to shoot criminals… there must be specific rules of engagement ..

  • Col123

    Peter, my point addressed the choice of Guyana as a place for these Japanese to vacation……. that was addressed in the first two sentences…and the last sentence further does as it relates that some one should have told the Japanese about bandits..its up to the legal system to unpack whether the taxi driver is involved….You have every right to your opinion regarding capital punishment…and shooting these criminal folks… I do not believe that it solves the problem of crime…..Guyanese have been LIVING IN FEAR FOR 50 YRS…you can try to shove those 28 yrs under the carpet!

  • Col123

    Regardless of whose supporters they are…it cost a fortune to treat a shooting victim…criminal or otherwise…this is not a PPP or PNC issue…it is what civilized folks do…The Pres. has my support on this …we need a strict policy of rules of engagement to protect law enforcement and civilians in these circumstances..

  • Nissan

    What would you say or do with the 3 that killed 3 innocent people including a teenager for stealing another person GAS and the trigger man is a teen while his father stood by