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Woman who knocked down St. Lucian scouts in Guyana fined, jailed

The northern drain on Woolford Avenue where the car struck down three St.Lucian cub scouts. One was seriously injured.

The northern drain on Woolford Avenue where the car struck down three St.Lucian cub scouts. One was seriously injured.

The woman, who drove up a one way and struck down three St. Lucian scouts who are here for a Caribbean Cuboree, was Thursday fined and jailed for 10 months.

Tracy Fordyce, of Cowan Street, Kingston, Georgetown pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and breach of a one-way.

Magistrate Renita Singh at Court seven of the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court sentenced Fordyce to 10 months imprisonment for the dangerous driving charge and fined her GYD$15,000 for breach of a one-way.

Police said that at about 12:10 Pm on July 26, 2016, Fordyce drove  motor car PSS 1236 and struck down two St. Lucian Scouts namely Nick  Omarie Joseph, 8 years and Darnell Matthews, 9 years, who are attending the 14th Caribbean Cuboree.

The Scout Association of Guyana said a scout leader also sustained bruises.

Investigations revealed that the driver parked her vehicle in front of the North Georgetown Primary School, in Woolford Avenue, went into the school to do registration but was refused entry because of her mode of dress. As a result she became annoyed and drove out of the Avenue, in the process the vehicle struck down the two children.

Joseph’s condition is said to be serious.

Meanwhile, the St Lucia Times on Thursday reported that St. Lucia’s National Scout Commissioner, Robert Augustin, has been reassuring parents here whose children are attending the Caribbean Cuboree event in Guyana, after a mishap that injured Saint Lucian participants.

“I just want to assure the parents of the other Cubs that everyone else is safe,” Augustin said.

Saint Lucia’s National Scout Commissioner, Robert Augustin, told the Times that the minor case was treated and released, while the other injured boy was kept in hospital for further treatment.

He said the parents of the affected youngsters have been kept informed, while the parent of the boy who was seriously injured left for Guyana yesterday on an early flight.

“All of the participants at the camp are safe and not directly affected by the incident because not everybody was there,” Augustin disclosed.

He said he has been in touch with at least one Doctor in Guyana.

Saint Lucia has a contingent of fifteen participants at the Caribbean Cuboree in Guyana  being held from July 24 -29, 2016.

The contingent consists of four leaders and eleven Cubs.

  • First offender, …….10 months? ??
    Is she liable for potential damages claim.

  • Investor

    I trust some counselling is in place for those who had to witness this. But who am I kidding.

  • rudeo

    fitting penalty……10 months to get unblanked…..her words ” I blanked out.”

  • Gtloyal

    Not enough. She should be made to pay all expenses; medical, parents’ passage and keep, everything. No matter what the situation is, one should never react the way she did.
    These silly dress codes have been at the center of public attention for some time, always with unfavorable criticism, to now reach the point of becoming cause for life to be threatened. It must be updated. One must be decently but comfortably dressed. Massa is no longer here wanting us to dress for a winter that will never come.
    It is also time that BJ, as new ambassador for the environment, tell the people that the earth is getting hotter, Guyana is getting hotter, women are getting hotter, so they have to dress to feel fresh.

    • Lancelot Brassington

      It was not the dress code that earned her ten months at the Waldorf Astoria it was her ‘ignorance’. Apparently this woman is not accustomed to encountering opposition and does not respond well to it. I am betting that her attitude will be suitably adjusted in the next ten months.
      On the question of relaxing dress codes trust me, once this is done things will get out of control and those responsible will have to recant. The big man likes to ‘deh bout the place ‘ in short pants hence his opposition to dress codes. At any rate entities will have to make their own decisions in relation to dress codes.

      • Reason

        I agree with you 1000 percent. This notion about Guyana being a hot weather country is just ludicrous with respect to dress code.

        Soon you are going to see people appear in court with a short pants and rubber slippers because the temperature is 90 degrees outside. Little do they know that exposure of skin is more harmful than being appropriately clad. Heck, they even want to disband school children wearing uniforms because, according to them, it is punishment.

        I am just going to sit back and enjoy the buffoonery.

        In reference to this lady, well, she deserved what she got. What an embarrassment she has caused the country. The police should have also closed that road to vehicular traffic, too.

    • Chris

      Bharrat Jagdeo, BJ as you call him, was recently appointed as United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation Special Ambassador for Forests and the Environment.

      In this role, his duties are to promote the role of forests in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, raise awareness of the vital contributions of forests to food security, rural poverty reduction, employment generation and social integration, and encourage actions to support the sustainable use of forests and other natural resources.

      None of his functions have anything to do with the false narrative of global warming.

      That said, why does BJ have to tell the people the earth is getting hotter and to dress fresh?

      The people need to be told how to dress? They can’t figure this out on thier own?

      I could be wrong, buy it seems like you prefer a nanny state, where the people have no responsibility to themselves, where the leaders need to take complete charge of your lives.

      What say you?

      • Gtloyal

        The people have already figured it out. Why some leaders see fit to impose these dress codes is beyond me.
        This is a hot climate and it is only natural that people would dress to feel comfortable. To begin with, the codes, if they must exist, should not be ambiguous, leaving it to a doorman to interpret and must be adapted to our climate and culture, if anything.
        BTW, would our First Lady be refused entry for wearing armless dresses, which, according to the photographs in the public domain, she apparently favors?
        What about our Amerindian brothers and sisters whose traditional clothing leaves much of their body exposed? Would they not be right should they accuse us of discriminating practices whenever they are refused entry wherever these codes are imposed?
        As for BJ, whatever his role as ambassador may be, let’s hope he does not seek sustainable development by promoting more Bai Shan Lin-like forrestry deals. As you surely know, it was definitely his party’s government, if not his, that sought to convert us to a nanny state when they began to impose such nonsensical ideas as the enforcement of the very unclear dress codes.