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Hundreds stranded aboard grounded Essequibo ferry vessel


The ambulance, with an injured person, among several other vehicles aboard the grounded MV Makouria

Hundreds of passengers travelling from Supenaam and Wakenaam to Parika were Thursday morning stranded after the ferry vessel, MV Makouria, ran aground.

Among the vehicles aboard is an ambulance with a patient who was injured in a motorcycle accident.

Sources said the vessel encountered difficulties at a place named Sting Ray due to very low tide coupled with numerous vehicles.

The MV Makouria ran aground shortly after 6 AM. Based on predictions the vessel could be there for more than hour until the tide rises and there is sufficient water to lift it off the area.

Sources said that although the captain might have been aware of the very low tide combined with the laden weight of the vessel as a result of the numerous vehicles, he might have decided to continue the journey due to the presence of the ambulance with a patient aboard.

This incident occurred days after the MV Sabanto was badly damaged after it slammed into the Supenaam Stelling and was taken out of operation.

  • rudeo

    Pre-planning is not a forte in Guyana…..only knee-jerk reactions…..oh well!

  • RLSG

    ‘Where there is no vision the people perish’ .. APNU+AFC sorely lacks visionaries .. knee jerk reaction is right … a state of malaise is running rampant down there .. the question should be … ‘are you better off today than you were yesterday’ … and the answer .. ‘same sh** different day’ ..

  • rs dasai

    Oh Cow. Will sonar help? Chartered course at low tide?