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Special prosecution team likely for high profile state asset cases

A team of Special Prosecutors is to be established to help convict persons for various corruption offences that are being probed by law enforcement authorities, government announced on Thursday.

“We would prefer to have a more studied approach so that for these cases which are, of course, of public interest and concern we have a strong prosecuting team to preside over them,” said Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman.

He said Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan and Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Khemraj Ramjattan are to hold talks and report to cabinet their recommendations in 14 days.

Ramjattan and Williams have been tasked with advising Cabinet about the feasibility of setting up a Special Prosecutors Office “because it may require the services of more than one special counsel, so to speak, for some of these matters,”

Concerns have been raised on Social Media about that fact that the Police Prosecutor, Vishnu Hunt had not been well prepared for the  commencement of the GYD$600 million fraud trial against former Minister of Public Service, Dr. Jennifer Westford and her then Personnel Officer, Margaret Cummings.

  • rs dasai

    Nice opening para, ‘to help convict persons for offences that are being probed’.
    By any means necessary? By crook or by hook? Really?

  • Lancelot Brassington

    So Granger must not jail any PPP people for their criminal activities. In other words they are criminals. Nice confession.

  • SYL

    Madame Persaud , I said on many occasions that a special prosecutor was needed. The governing coalition is acting like they went to school during recess.Its a fact that anywhere in the world of justice, that to access and deal with high profile white color crimes, you need special legal minds to analyse the evidence to determine the way forward , as to indite or not to recommend same.When the “man in the street” circumvents the law or disobey it , he’s quickly prosecuted, but the “big fish and cats” must be given a pass.If its the present president, and his governing members, or the former president and his members, all should be subject to indictment if found in contradiction of the laws. LAW FOR ONE LAW FOR ALL.. Remember “DO NOTHING FEAR NOTHING”.

  • SYL

    Finally someone got up from slumber and recognize what I said so many tines here about the “special prosecutor ” being necessary in the country. The mis-steps with the legal minds in the coalition is really strange to say the least.Only “banana countries” act in this unprofessional manner. University education is not necessary to figure this out, just a little commonsense with basic schooling.I rest my case.

  • Col123

    This entire activity of “we gon jail alyou” as stated in the parliament is now becoming a circus and farce . ram jhaatee is just a small crop of hair found somewhere …