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Parliament recommends new Head of Financial Intelligence Unit

by Gary Eleazar



The Parliamentary Committee of Appointments has recommended that Matthew Edward Hugh Langevine, be appointed as Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) within the Ministry of Finance.

The FIU works closely with the Special Organised Crime Unit of the Guyana Police Force, Guyana Revenue Authority and the Ministry of Finance in detecting and pursuing those suspected of committing financial crimes.

That Committee, comprised Members of Parliament (MP) Gail Teixeira, Dr Clive Jagan, Ganga Persaud, Bishop Juan Edghill and Government Ministers, David Patterson, Amna Ally, Annette Ferguson, Cathy Hughes and Chairperson Dr George Norton.

According to the Committee Report submitted to the National Assembly on Monday, Langevine was shortlisted from a list of 17 Candidates that applied for the position.

The Committee of Appointments was mandated to decide on the FIU Director and Deputy Director, as prescribed by the Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act.

Langevine was found to be the most suitable candidate for the post of FIU Director following several rounds of due diligence exercises and interviews. A background report undertaken by the Guyana Police Force ruled out the initial candidate found to be most suitable and the Committee subsequently agreed on Langevine.

The initial list of 17 candidates was shortlisted to three before further due diligence tests and the police background report left Langevine as the most suitable person for the post.

The Committee was also mandated to find a suitable person for the position of deputy director. The current Legal Adviser Abiose Thomas, was also found by the Committee to be the most suitable person to be appointed as Deputy Director.

The Report was submitted to the National Assembly on Monday by Committee Chairperson, Health Minister Dr George Norton.

Langevine worked in the local banking sector for several years.

The last substantive head of the FIU is Paul Ghir who had also worked in the local banking sector.

  • Now go out and serve. Demerara Waves is so sparing with the personal details of the successful applicants e.g…….education, work experience. marriage status , favorite sports, hobby.etc! These things do matter to the reading public.

  • SYL

    Ms. Persaud I live aboard , and its nothing unusual , there are more departments than these where I reside. These separate departments are set up to bring to justice the smart big fishes, from either party of government, who play games with the tax payers hard earned money..Some big fishes already got off the hook as it seems, so its to either re-hook them and for sure hopefully not to allow other big fishes from either party to swim away with the bait.