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Godfrey Statia is new GRA Commissioner General

Public Accountant and Attorney-at-Law, Godfrey Statia  has been appointed as the new Commissioner General of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), according to usually reliable sources.

He was chosen from among four applicants by the GRA’s Governing Board.

When Statia assumes office before month-end, he would become the next substantive office holder after Kurshid Sattaur with whom the tax collection agency parted company several months ago. Ms. Ingrid Griffith is currently acting as Commissioner General.

Statia is a former General Manager at the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company in the late 1990s who later went on to be a consultant for that utility company.

He is also a one-time Deputy Head of the Inland Revenue Department before the formation of the GRA.

Statia is a Certified Public Accountant and Personal Financial Specialist specializing in individual and small business accounting, taxation and financial planning.

More recently, he served on a Guyana government-appointed tax review committee.


  • Hope that this time around his experience and maturity will be translated to an efficiently run entity.
    Forgive and Forget all previous real or perceived ”hurts and wrongs” encountered.

    • SYL

      I know this guy on a personal basis , and his integrity is intact. A shrewd individual since a kid, and as many better Guyanese achieved excellence without the help of either parties of government. Being abroad and making big US DOLLARS, he has not accepted this call for money as a motive, but to serve in promoting and enhancing a better system for all Guyanese. Congrats to my former class mate, and be transparent but diplomatic in your duties.

      • rs dasai

        Good choice.