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Coalition supporter BK Tiwari says he swore allegiance to PPP to prevent airline’s eviction from Ogle hangar

Brian Tiwari escorting President Ramotar for a tour of the Cessna Grand Caravan in August, 2014. (Guyana Times photo)

Brian Tiwari escorting then President Ramotar for a tour of the Cessna Grand Caravan in August, 2014. (Guyana Times photo)

In what appears to be an intensified tit-for-tat, former President Donald Ramotar on Friday released a letter from Brian Tiwari to refute the prominent businessman’s claim that he had abandoned the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) long before  last year’s  general elections and supported the coalition.

However, Tiwari said he had felt compelled to write the letter for fear that Ramotar would have ensured that his domestic airline would have been evicted from a state-owned hangar at the Ogle International Airport.

On Thursday, June 30, 2016, Tiwari stated in a letter to the media : “For those like Former President Ramotar and others who want to convey the impression that BK only jumped ship after the new Government was formed in May 2015, I want to make it abundantly clear that like every patriotic person in Guyana, I took a conscious decision to support the move for change and this decision was made one year before the 2015 elections. There are numerous persons who can support this.”

After Ramotar released Tiwari’s ‘letter of allegiance,’  the businessman said he was forced to write the missive  in attempt to prevent Ramotar from making good on his threat to evict the domestic airline, Jag’s Aviation, from the Guyana Sugar Corporation’s (GuySuco) hangar at the Ogle International Airport. “Everybody knows that, (David ) Granger knows that. We had a meeting with them (coalition) and  I said I was not supporting the PPP but the letter was only to keep us in GuySuco’s hangar,”  Tiwari told Demerara Waves Online News.

Tiwari alleged that Ramotar had threatened to throw out the airline from Ogle after he had seen Raphael Trotman and other then opposition supporters preparing to board a plane from Region One to Georgetown. Tiwari recalled that Ramotar telephoned him, saying that he would not have been paying for that flight and would have stopped flying with Jag’s Aviation. Tiwari said he immediately decided to waive the airfare.

In the letter  to Ramotar dated March 23, 2015- less than two months before the May 11 polls- Tiwari denied supporting the coalition or sharing documents with that grouping. Instead, he reiterated his support for the PPP to regain the majority it lost at the 2011 polls that had resulted in a one-seat minority government.

“Anyone who reports that I am providing support to another political party because they may have seen me some place with others is malicious and wicked. We must be careful at this time, Mr. President, to ensure that mischievous elements do not cause unnecessary divisions. As you have said yourself, this is an extremely important election where the PPP is seeking to restore its lost majority, no one should be allowed to distract us,” said Tiwari.

The two-page letter was copied to former President Bharrat Jagdeo; then Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon;  then Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee and then Minister of Tourism, Housing and Water, Irfaan Ali.

“I will continue to serve in any way I can in the circumstances,” said Tiwari.

The businessman reminded then President Ramotar that he had used his transportation to provide logistical  and other support for PPP campaigns in mainly the interior regions of 1, 7, 8 and 9 and transportation and other support for commemorative activities at Babu John, Port Mourant, Corentyne in honour of late President Cheddi Jagan..  Back in 1999 when there was a crippling public strike, Tiwari said his company had “provided much support without asking for a penny.”

“In our business at BK International we have tried our best to make the PPP government proud  through our performance on public infrastructure contracts,” he said.

Responding to Tiwari’s claims that the Ramotar-led administration had facilitated the sale of three barges and one tug for less than GYD$20 million to his (Ramotar’s) brother who days later had sold one of the barges for GYD$50 million; the sale of another barge by the Public Works Ministry for GYD$3 million although it was worth more than GYD$150 million and the sale of 25 acres of sugarcane lands at West Demerara to his brother and associates, the former President said those claims were largely untrue.

“I am not my brother’s keeper but I spoke to him and he told me that almost one hundred percent of what he (Tiwari) said there are total fabrications or absolute distortions,” Ramotar told Demerara Waves Online News.

The Chairman of the BK Group of Companies was a member of then President Ramotar’s delegation to India in January, 2015.

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    Keep it coming bro… It’s fun..we need some distractions ..your importance is assured..

    • george wiltshire

      the brother did not need to ask for a penny he had the millions coming.

  • george wiltshire

    Let us keep on praying for there is more to come. Every one knew that the ppp/c were going to destroy bk after they had won the 2015 elections. remember the problem with the bridge and the way they were going after him. that was just the beginning. Fortunately for Guyana and bk they lost the elections and so not surprised at the bad blood being bandied about.

  • george wiltshire

    Really what we need to recognise that there is only one race in the earth. It is the human race. There are terrestrial beings. In the not too distant future the earth will learn that there are other races and we will all have to come together to fight. Then the christian way will be the way that overcomes the attack.

  • Emile_Mervin

    And this Brian Tiwari is the guy Harmon hooked up with? It is finally making sense! Bare hustle all around!

    Granger seriously needs to wake up before he discovers in his dream he was replaced! It’s not funny, folks!

    • Reason

      What a hearty laugh. You have skills like a poet…hahahahahaha

      Danal got a good friend in ee karna – you cannot make dis ting up at all. Granger is wise enough to stay far from this spat. Much a do about nothing.

    • eddie

      you see the dear that you are addressing here is like the three stooges being used by king Tiwari

      Granger seriously needs to wake up before he discovers in his dream he was replaced! It’s not funny, folks!
      his hands are tied and all his bright ideas is been hijack by the old stalwart in the collation GUYANA POLITIC PERCOLATING AT IT FINEST

      • rs dasai

        President Granger never sleeps.

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          yyyep,,,,,,,,,, I heard the queen of England never take a dump too

  • M Nicols

    ‘Coalition supporter BK Tiwari says he swore allegiance to PPP to prevent airline’s eviction from Ogle hangar’
    Once a dog suck egg it will always do the same and repeat
    So what are you doing now to get Contract?

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    We are all aware of jeckyll and hyde,when you create a monster and it gets out of control,what is the solution?Guyanese proverbs “hang yuh mouth weh de soup ah run.”

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    Free cleanup of independence arch for contracts offered by apnu/afc coalition……a snake in the grass…granger surrounded by crooks and vagabonds……being set up for a fall…..each day Guyana gets stinker and stinker ……we are doomed….development? Please use English words

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    You are infringing on my professor ‘s writing style…for which he has a patent .

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    Hey .. Watch it … I happen to know Naggarman well .. he is/was a saint..ok.. He will be a saint!

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    That should be polluters..who are too cheap to use a washing machine/dryer…scamps are different..they get dirty with each other…and they launder it in the banks!

  • eddie

    so when a guy that bluntly tell a lie like this to harness his riches and make sure HE is ok!!!!! how does this government want to continue business with people like this,,, I mean this guy is rich but how in heaven did he reach that status when he open his mouth and show his stupidity ,,, remind me of the comic in the chronicle FLOP HAT

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    This would continue to happen because the change was really PNC, joining arms with PPP. And the happy nonsense continues.

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    Y did these old fools fight for independence, watch what Guyana is about…we should be still rule under the British government…Guyana is all about who knows who. And poor Ppl will died…

  • Amanda Persaud

    BK TIWARI is a complete…When I left Guyana many years ago this man used to sell @ Borda Market. Where did he get all this MONEY FROM? He hang his mouth where the soup leaks….His own words listed above….He is now HARMON adviser to get the $800M Steel deal….and the comedy continues….