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BREAKING: Planes removed from Ogle Airport in breach of court order

Two Cessna 206 aircraft, which are the subject of High Court litigation in Guyana, were flown out of the Eugene F. Correia (Ogle) International Airport during very early Saturday morning without authorization, Acting Director General of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Chitranie Heeralall said.

She confirmed that the planes have since been detained in Anguilla, and the matter was now the subject of investigation by police. The planes were flown out between 5:00 and 5:30 AM Saturday morning without Customs, Immigration and Air Traffic Control clearance.

The aircraft, valued at least US$110,000 each, are owned by Oxford Aviation.

Sources said the aircraft, bearing registration numbers 8R-GTP and 8R-GMP- were the subject of a court injunction by Domestic Airways that had barred their removal from Guyana.

One of the pilots is a Guyana-born a Munidat Persaud who owns a flight school and charter service in th United State. The other pilot is not licensed to fly in Guyanese airspace.

The planes flew through Trinidad airspace, landed in Grenada and then to Anguilla where they were detained.

  • Col123

    Real first class thieves flying high!!!was unaware that we have those type…things must be real bad!.. Where was the GDF Air Force ?… Where were the air traffic controllers? damm..where was the PNC?..PPP?..anybody ?..they flew through the Trini air space also?…good..they should have dropped the lavatory on a gift from Guyanese…

    • VictorAustin

      Lol you make me laugh. But who could have stopped them. Not even the trinni.

  • rudeo

    There was no ” stealing” of planes…..merely took them away when the security had loopholes…..planes take time to start and warm up before takeoff…..give me a break