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Huge marijuana bust in container with heavy duty equipment

IMG-20160614-WA008Enforcement agents of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) and the Container Control Programme (CCP) have seized 1,276 pounds of marijuana in a shipping container that arrived from Jamaica, Head of the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit, James Singh said Tuesday.

Authorities estimate that the marijuana fetches a street value of US$765,600.

Two broker and the owner of a sawmill company are assisting with investigations following the drug seizure at the John Fernandes Limited wharf, Water Street, Georgetown.

The CANU Head ‎ said the container was profiled for inspection by members of the Container Control Programme and the Drug Enforcement Unit of the Guyana Revenue Authority.  ‎ He said also inside the container was a piece of heavy duty equipment for a sawmill .

Singh related that  also inside of container was 21 duffel  bags with a total of 260 packets of marijuana . The broker and owner of the company are assisting with investigations‎.

Guyanese law enforcement agents have long believed that there is marijuana-for-cocaine barter trade with Jamaica.

  • Col123

    Such an easy problem to solve…recall the introduction of a mixture with winter green oil in methylated spirits in the 60s..well there are other compounds which can be mixed in the the supply chain with these illicit drugs , which will reduce the demand…But Guyana has no other money maker for an economy…so there you go!!!..we need those mansions..

    • John Wensley

      de “greens” comin out fum ina de yaaad ,, have mo of de gudnis.. Jah know !!