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Guyana Power and Light to phase out fossil fuel generators

Coverage courtesy Fly Jamaica

Guyana’s state-owned power company is pushing ahead with plans to phase out fossil fuel electricity generators and replace them with solar farms and other renewable energy sources, Public Infrastructure Minister, David Patterson announced Friday in New York.

‘As our existing thermal generators become redundant we will be replacing them with renewables,” he said. He was one of several panelists at a session titled “The Investment Landscape: Opportunities Abound in Guyana” at the Guyana Means Business Investment Conference at was held at the Harvard Club.

Patterson said the United Arab Emirates-based International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has shortlisted Guyana for concessional financing for the construction of a seven megawatt solar farm.  He added that a five megawatt solar power farm would be installed in West Coast Berbice to replace a 4.6 megawatt fossil-fuel generator there.

With the Wartsila generators at Land of Canaan approaching the end of their lifespan, he said they would be replaced with renewable energy sources. A one megawatt solar farm is also expected to be built in Bartica.

The Guyana Power and Light has a total capacity of 131 megawatts with a total peak demand of 110megawatts. Private entities generate about 60 t 70 megawatts.

The Public Infrastructure Minister said he is next Monday expected to receive the final report of a power generation study that will examine Guyana’s needs up to 2035.

  • KassemB

    ‘The Guyana Power and Light has a total capacity of 131 megawatts with a total peak demand of 110megawatts. Private entities generate about 60 t 70 megawatts.’
    1. Who are the private entities?
    2. No time line of when the phasing out of fossil fuel generators will be completed?

    • rudeo

      you talking about big changes here….timeline?… 50th Jubilee Celebration

      • KassemB

        Shouldn’t these types of statements be made first in parliament and to give the appropriate people the opportunity to ask questions/clarification for the record?

  • Lancelot Brassington

    A 10 megawatt diesel station occupies about 35 ft by 70 ft of floor space. How many acres of land are required for a five megawatt solar facility. Many I can assure you. Furthermore, can solar be relied on for base load operation countrywide? The only renewable that can be counted for base load operation day in day out all year round regardless of weather or wind is hydro. Provided of course that the sites are properly chosen and the design is right. Solar and wind can help out.
    By the way some of the people who say that fossil fueled plants contaminate the earths atmosphere are the very people who will say that solar farms and wind farms create a scar on the landscape.
    The government had better be clear about what it is getting into and not allow itself to be used.

  • MNicols

    ‘shut up’
    So you want me to be an ostrich?