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Govt left out names of advisers- Teixeira

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) on Thursday slammed government for not revealing the names of all the advisers, and threatened to move to the Privileges Committee of the House on the basis that parliamentarians were deliberately misled.

“We find this rather strange that a number of persons were omitted,” PPP Chief  Whip, Gail Teixeira told a news conference.

Last month, Minister of State Joseph Harmon named 33 persons who have since been appointed honorary advisers and six ministerial advisers.

She said  that based on information culled from the media for almost one year now, five persons have not been named as advisers in the list that was some weeks ago presented to the National Assembly.

“Therefore, we find it extraordinary irresponsible of the government to have not provided a full and comprehensive list of the persons who were advisors to ministers,” she stated.

The Minister of State, in response to the questions in the House, has said that none of the advisors has been issued with diplomatic passports pr being paid a salary.

The names of the 33 members appointed are as follows: Ronald Albert, Rohan Somar, Joycelyn Williams, Ewart Marshall, Lawrence ‘Larry’ London, Jennifer Dougall, Errol Lewis, Anitha Cochran, Derrick Arjune, Aubrey Duncan, Lurlene Nestor, Beryl James, Yvonne Britton, Morris Wilson, Volda Forsythe, Eileen Rayman, Edith Bynoe, Basil Blackman, Dawn Simmons, Guliana Jacobs, Eustace Hope, Gordon Winter, Artie Ricknauth, Jerome Bulkan, Hazel Binger, Donna Lindon, Desiree Horne, Ovid Morrison, Veronica Munroe, Wayne Forde, Savitri Farley, Tamesh Lilmohan and George Williams.

There were other Ministerial Advisor appointments to several other Ministries. These have been identified as Cheryl Sampson, and Allan Munroe – Advisors to the Ministry of Education. Ndibi Schweirs, advisor to the Ministry of Natural Resources. Lance Carberry, Ministerial Advisor on Constitutional Reform to the Minister of State, Mervin Williams, advisor to the Ministry of Indigenous Affairs and Kenneth Jordan Ministerial Advisor on Public Infrastructure.


  • KassemB

    Then table a motion in Parliament and submit questions for answers to Parliament

    • george wiltshire

      Agreed. But they should not have to be asked. They should have submitted the full list.

    • eddie

      for the motion to be blocked by the speaker

      • KassemB

        Maybe but you have to continue the struggle at all fronts and must be documented.
        Come elections time you can then relay all that went on to the electorate including the behavior of the Speaker, this and others in the past