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No salary, diplomatic passports for honorary; other Advisors earn hefty salaries

Extract of Honorary advisors.

Extract of Honorary advisors.

The APNU+AFC administration has clarified that thirty-three persons appointed as Honorary Ministerial Advisors are working for free and without diplomatic passports.

This was confirmed by Minister of State Joseph Harmon who was responding to questions raised in the National Assembly by Opposition members of Parliament.

The names of the 33 members appointed are as follows: Ronald Albert, Rohan Somar, Joycelyn Williams, Ewart Marshall, Lawrence ‘Larry’ London, Jennifer Dougall, Errol Lewis, Anitha Cochran, Derrick Arjune, Aubrey Duncan, Lurlene Nestor, Beryl James, Yvonne Britton, Morris Wilson, Volda Forsythe, Eileen Rayman, Edith Bynoe, Basil Blackman, Dawn Simmons, Guliana Jacobs, Eustace Hope, Gordon Winter, Artie Ricknauth, Jerome Bulkan, Hazel Binger, Donna Lindon, Desiree Horne, Ovid Morrison, Veronica Munroe, Wayne Forde, Savitri Farley, Tamesh Lilmohan and George Williams.

Harmon in his written response said that the “relevant qualifications include their willingness to contribute to the struggle for improved governance.”

He made it clear that formal or academic qualifications were not a prerequisite for in making such appointments.

The Minister said that the persons were appointed to establish relations between individuals, organisations and businesses in the diaspora.

They are tasked with encouraging those persons to return to Guyana and contribute to the country’s development.

“Their appointments were all pro bono,” the answer stated later noting “there is no cost to the treasury in relation to the persons appointed.”

There were other Ministerial Advisor appointments to several other Ministries. These have been identified as Cheryl Sampson, and Allan Munroe – Advisors to the Ministry of Education. Ndibi Schweirs, advisor to the Ministry of Natural Resources. Lance Carberry, Ministerial Advisor on Constitutional Reform to the Minister of State, Mervin Williams – AIMG_7285dvisor to the Ministry of Indigenous Affairs and Kenneth Jordan Ministerial Advisor on Public Infrastructure.

Notable in the mix, Williams earns as salary of $350,000 per month with other benefits.

Williams, has five CXC subjects with two GCE subjects listed among his qualifications. He also has an American Management Association Diploma  in General Management from the Business School in Georgetown.

Carberry takes home a gross salary of $250,000 with additional benefits.

He is charged with advising the Minister of State on all matters relating to proposals for constitutional reform.

His position is juxtaposed with that of the Steering Committee on constitutional Reform and the Office of the Prime Minister which has responsibility for constitutional reform.

Moreover, Carberry has no background in law but rather a Degree in Economic and a Master of Science Degree in Management and Administrative Science both from London based institutions.

London, at the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, has a salary of $600,000 per month along with additional benefits.

He is directly responsible for advising the Minister of Public Infrastructure on all matters relating to the financial administration of the Ministry especially in relation to International Funding for Public Infrastructure.

  • KassemB

    How many not a Party activist?
    How many not involved solely to build Party machinery?

  • Emile_Mervin

    How the hell is Lance Carberry tasked with advising the Minister of State on constitutional reform when constitutional reform is actually the remit of the Prime Minister?

    Both Harmon and Nagamootoo handling constitutional reform can only mean one thing: APNU does not trust Nagamootoo, hence the prevailing perception that Harmon is the de facto Prime Minister!

    PS. Demwaves, your penultimate paragraph says, ‘London at Ministry of Public Infrastructure…’ but the full name is not mentioned in the list of advisors in the news story. So who exactly is this London that he deserves GY$600,000 a month plus benefits in the Public Infrastructure Ministry?

    If it is Larry London, who traveled with Harmon to China, then what did Public Infrastructure have to do with getting the balance of the GT&T shares from Datang?

    • long_legs

      you make some of the most baseless, unfounded statements on these forums and the way you are going it seems as though you are 1000% senile.

      i can recall vividly when the news reported that the forensic audits were completed at nicil and some other entities and now the government turned over the auditing to the audit general’s office for financial statement audits, you were here beating yuh belly that president granger did not trust chris ram and

      • Emile_Mervin

        1. Given the sea of systemic government corruption inherited from the PPP, the coalition decided on the audits to both determine the financial state of affairs and tale corrective action where necessary. Today, we are reading that audits were basically to give an idea of the financial lay of the land, audits will be sent to relates state boards and, the latest, that witnesses are to scared to testify and there is no witness protection program.

        2. My reference to the racial composition of advisors has nothing to do with my own mixed race of Indian and African. In fact, it is no different from the calls for greater diversity on state boards. After all, the coalition advocated itself as an inclusive government, so the least it can do is reflect inclusvity.

        3. I know for a fact that whereas in the past when I criticized the PPP regime, some folks were okay

      • Col123

        limpy legs..”…Indo names missing on the list… that they do not work for chicken-feed.”…such an illiterate statement…You are suggesting that Afro Guyanese would work for chicken feed?… looks like massa blood run in your veins .bro…. ..look…haul you a##s and write that stuff in SN…you should find out what evidence the opposition has on corruption by your deities in the past and present…the reason why no one in the PPP is going to jail!!!

  • Col123

    The PNC remains in an election campaign mode…albeit, rather low keyed. The tested mechanism of gaining 51 % of votes (engineered by the ABC folks) ,give life to the notion that a massive rigging of future elections would be foolish ,and would certainly raise a red flag…It would be content to govern with a simple majority. Pres Granger who is a man of integrity (Guyana definition) will not have to answer for those 80% of votes as in the past,for the PNC…He said that there wasn’t any rigging in the past …no one can show any UNESCO Heritage site Palace or mansion built from the loot from Guyana treasury during those years…Now we have a growing number of advisors who are latched on to the teats of the Treasury…I only can applaud our definition of what is pro bono!..Santa Claus will get you three meals daily if you believe that.

  • KassemB

    ‘The APNU+AFC administration has clarified that thirty-three persons appointed as Honorary Ministerial Advisors are working for free and without diplomatic passports.’
    ‘He made it clear that formal or academic qualifications were not a prerequisite for in making such appointments’
    So what is the basis for Honorary and Advisors?