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Education key to African Guyanese development- Greenidge

A section of the attendees at the African Guyanese Awards Ceremony that was held on Monday, May 24, 2016 at the Pegasus Hotel.

A section of the attendees at the African Guyanese Awards Ceremony that was held on Monday, May 24, 2016 at the Pegasus Hotel.

Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge Monday night called on Afro-Guyanese to take advantage of education as a means of improving their quality of life and social and economic advancement.

“It is important that we find a means of ensuring that the current generation can also value education, recognise the role of education in social mobility,” he said in an address at an African Guyanese Awards Ceremony to mark the United Nations-designated Decade for People of African Descent at the Pegasus Hotel. Greenidge stressed that education was key to moving many Afro-Guyanese from working class, semi-skilled and unskilled backgrounds to the professions. “We have to encourage the institutions that imbue in our children the value and importance of education,” he said, adding that such education must go beyond that of yesteryear  and focus on technological advancements, understand and solve problems. He singled out Afro-Guyanese contributions to the bauxite, sugar, rice and other industries after they had been educated.

Greenidge, who is a prominent member of the Afro-Guyanese dominated People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), credited that segment of the population with significant contributions to the development of the public sector, education and security. “There is no where…that this community has not left its mark in relation to the volume and the quality of its service, a quality which enables us to stand proudly anywhere in the world,” he said.

Among the awardees are Greenidge, President David Granger , Eusi Kwayana, David Hinds, Ruel Johnson, Mark Jacobs, , Sharma Solomon, Vincent Alexander and former Health Minister, Dr. Noel Blackman.

Posthumous awardees include Ronald Waddell, Dr. Walter Rodney, Deborah Backer, Faith Harding, Courtney Crum-Ewing, Kenneth King, Clarence Ellis and Winston Murray.

The awardees were selected by the African Guyanese Committee whose representatives were drawn from, among others, the Pan African Movement, Cuffy250 Organisation, Women’s Roundtable, Miss Emancipation Committee.

Greenidge referred to findings that people of African descent globally still have limited access to quality education, health services, housing and social security and in many cases their situation remains largely invisible and insufficient recognition and respect have been given to them to seek redress for their present condition. They also face discrimination in access to justice and police brutality.

The Foreign Minister recommended that social groups, churches and other institutions be used as vehicles to promote education and entrepreneurship. “Those are institutions that we have either to refashion or to reproduce to achieve the goals that we set for ourselves,” he said.

  • rs dasai

    Mr. G
    But , Afro Guyanese were and are still the majority of Teachers in Guyana.

  • Col123

    Where is the award for Mr Moses Naggaramotto?

  • Surujpaul Rampersaud

    Agreed. This nothing nothing new. Education is and has always been the avenue for upward mobility anywhere in the world. You should go further and tell those African fathers that they need to play greater roles as head of their families. This idea of multiple child mothers need to be addressed. Show some gut here.

    • Col123

      SR…you are one gutsy guy!..if you were on SN… you would have been filleted…for your attempt at a discussion of a socio cultural phenomena

      • FDG

        It seems that SN has been rather liberal with the knife ….they have disallowed all of my posts in the last few weeks …..

        • Col123

          All you need to do is add long live PNC and the great Pres Hon. Burnham at the end of your comments…they disallowed mine also… despite my level headed and academic response…They give space to vatvic, bora..etal..despite their red meat racists comments…

    • Reality 2015

      It’s better to have multiple child mother,than to have the one you have strangled and buried in your backyard and am living comfortably with another.

      • Col123

        Have to agree with you R…sowing your seeds without providing water and nurturing is a man thing to do…now let us take a look deeper into the disadvantages …and advantages of this social phenomena …lots of credible studies out there …and sowing your seeds with multiple women does not bode well for any ethnic group…invest in some condoms… you are a lot smarter!

      • Surujpaul Rampersaud

        Please face reality and be objective. Go look at the statistics at the New Oppurtunity Corps. Nearly eighty percent of those there are from single parent homes. The problems with you guys is that your vision is so myopic that you interpret every suggestion no matter how well meaning it is, in terms of race and are ready to counter punch. No ethnic group in Guyana can claim superiority over another. You would only listen if your leaders tell you but they are afraid to say what several scholars past and present have acknowledged. Yes I buy some of your references on East Indians. Several leaders in the Indo Guyanese community have acknowledged this. Good reading for you is ” My mother who fathered me”

  • Col123

    Oliver…totally agree with you!…can you imagine the lives of our Indian brothers if Mr Burnham did not ethnically cleanse the country in the sixties…this phenomena provided the centerpiece for all the progress those Indians made and they have stuff to show for it…ethnic cleansing by Mr Burnham and his PNC thugs pushed the Indians to their level of success in Guyana…By the way, advocating class division…blacks for public jobs and business for Indians has racial overtones and should should not cross anyone’s mind …it is the lowest level of thought and has no place in any progressive society

  • Col123

    Craig… agree with your point…now let’s have some raw data from the authorities to support it…hearsay and speculation are not evidence…BTW…Pres Obama alluded some time ago, to the same irrelevant cultural phenomena SR tried to make…so no need to get hyper…