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Mechanism needed to determine President, other elected officials’ salaries

The Public Service Commission of Inquiry has recommended that a mechanism be established to determine the salaries of the President, Opposition Leader and other top elected and non-elected officials.

This recommendation comes seven months after the APNU+AFC coalition-led government increased the salaries of the President, his ministers and the Opposition Leader by at least 50 percent- a move that had triggered outcry by trade unions and sections of the public.

Now, the Commission of Inquiry Report states that “consideration should be given to the suitability of establishing such a model in Guyana for the determination of remuneration for high-level political and public service offices.”

They include the President, Vice Presidents, Prime Minister, ministers, Opposition Leader, members of the National Assembly, Permanent Secretaries, Regional Executive Officers and Regional Chairpersons.

At the time of the announcement of the ministers’ salary increases, government had given several reasons including the need to discourage corruption and a loss of income by many of the ministers who had left their professions and businesses to take up elected offices.

  • Col123

    The PSC is living in another world …What mechanism is warranted? These political folks inherit the characteristics of leeches and saprophytes …they will hold on to the teats of Guyana coffers…and will have zilch to show for it when they die…

  • Col123

    Actually, they are true oligarchs or rather…thieves. They are neither transformational or with any ideology that is close to progressivism…Interestingly , the PPP thieves will show something for it vs the PNC thieves who just squander it …this is a reality and a social phenomena which can be explored with a dissertation ..