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Granger prepared to move Broomes again if conflict interest arises


President David Granger

President David Granger

After being moved from the Ministry of Social Protection in a cabinet reshuffle in January, the Minister Simona Broomes may once again find herself being shuffled should a conflict of interest arise with her at the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Broome’s the Junior Natural Resources Minister is currently the subject of public scrutiny after transferring mining assets to her children.

Despite her assurances persons are questioning whether the Minister would perform her functions in an unbiased manner where her children are concerned.

Questioned on the issue on Thursday’s taping of Public Interest, President David Granger expressed his willingness to once again transfer the Minister if a conflict of interest situation arises.

“We have a draft code of conduct and if any situation were to arise, I am very confident she [Broomes] would be put in another place or she would demit office but that situation hasn’t arisen at the present time,” the President stated emphatically.

Mr Granger said that despite the concerns raised and a call for her to be removed from office, he does not see the need to do that.

Junior Natural Resources Minister Simona Broomes

Junior Natural Resources Minister Simona Broomes

“The functions she performed at the Ministry does not necessarily come into conflict with the fact that her children own that property. Minister of Natural Resources is an experienced Attorney and I’ve asked him for his views and I will be guided by his advice but at present I do not see any need to remove her,” President Granger added

Broomes at a onday morning press conference on Monday, made it clear that the process to transfer the assets to her children was devoid of corruption as she detailed having written the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) to initiate the process and later having her children complete the process.

“I am not responding to individual persons attack I am just giving clarity to the Guyanese people…I think that what is circulating out there at this time it is deliberate attempt to besmirch me,” said Broomes as she maintained “I have done nothing wrong.”.

  • Emile_Mervin

    If there are no conflict of interest laws or code of ethics rules and regulations governing elected and appointed public officials, then basic commonsense has to kick in.

    Ms. Broomes has proven she is a go-getter minister, but she is being shuffled around because her bosses are not doing their due diligence checks. She’d be better off being Junior Minister of Communities where she has no oversight for her investments in the mining sector.

    Meanwhile, President Granger should have a team of hiring consultants to help vet persons before they are appointed. Sandra V. Jones Associates could be instrumental in this regard and end the cycle of embarrassments.

  • Truth !

    persons with conflicts must not be moved
    they must be fired,sacked,kicked out
    in her present portfolio she is in conflicts of her children’s businesses interests which is a clear case of blatant conflicts
    granger is weak,deceitful,hypocritical,ineffective,he has betrayed us and condones slackness
    kick coalition out next time