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Broomes applied for mining-related permission while Natural Resources Minister

broomes_permissionEven as Junior Natural Resources Minister, Simona Broomes fended off concerns about conflict of interest in the mining sector, information has surfaced showing that she applied for permission to conduct mining activity on someone else’s property while being a minister of that sector.

Demerara Waves Online News was able to independently confirm that veteran miner, Edward Hopkinson granted Broomes permission to mine on his property at Puruni. The application by Simona Broomes (National Identification Number 11383803) is dated March 4, 2016.

Efforts to contact Broomes proved futile, but Senior Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman said that was new information coming to hand and that he would have to check on it. “I am not aware but I would have to investigate,” he said. Preliminarily, though, he did not think that Broomes found herself in a conflict of interest situation. “I don’t see it as being a conflict if she is going to mine on somebody’s property. If it is that she is using her office to gain an advantage will be a conflict,” Trotman told Demerara Waves Online News.

He explained that much would have to whether a miner felt pressured to the point that he or she could not have said “no,” only then the likelihood of a conflict of interest would arise.

In defending the transfer of a dredge from herself to one of her children, she has said that it was not the transferal of a mining permit.  “All I have done is transfer a dredge that was in existence for decades it has nothing to do with a permit,” she stated.

President David Granger, on this week’s edition of Public Interest to be aired at the weekend, said the fact that her children owned the property did not give rise to a conflict of interest. “The functions she performed at the Ministry do not necessarily come into conflict with the fact that her children own that property. Minister of Natural Resources is an experienced Attorney and I’ve asked him for his views and I will be guided by his advice but at present I do not see any need to remove her,” Granger said.

The Guyanese leader has, however, said that if a situation of conflict arises Broomes would have to be shifted to another ministry or demit office.

  • Truth !

    this is blatant eye pass
    i don’t trust trotman on anything he says or does since the gomattie affair
    a conflict exists regardless if the children own the dedge or mining permits or mining lands
    kick coalition out next time

  • MEMES Unlimited

    Despite the administration’s initial missteps and operational imbroglios emerging; the singular endearing character definition of President Granger is his capacity to listen, weigh the facts and unfounded allegations and make adjustments to correct such variances…with a firm hand. He has to speed up that process and as Mr. Mervin posited…suitable consultants have to vet his appointments “to end the cycle of embarrassments.”

    The straightforward, simple and sufficiently broad definition of corruption is – the abuse of public office for private gain….public office is abused for private gain when an official accepts, solicits, or extorts a bribe whether monetary or otherwise.
    In the case of the subject Minister with her significantly vested interest in her sole means of livelihood for decades (as per her testimony), such corruption abuse can/will occur inevitably, in the first instance, for personal benefit for self and family, even if no actual monetary bribe is effected, by way of patronage and nepotism…the very same acts allegedly conducted by the previous administration, for family and friends. And in the second instance, abuse occurs when private agents actively offer bribes, monetary or otherwise, for future circumvention of public policies and processes for competitive advantages and eventual profit.

    If in accordance to the specimen document indicating the Permit Holder to be E. (Edward) Hopkinson as a former Commissioner of the GGMC; then he in his “exalted” position should know better and certainly not have concluded such a deal. This is the same guy on whose property 11 miners were killed and several others injured in a huge mining pit cave-in on May 18th, 2015 at Mowsie creek, Region 8 (Potaro/Siparuni).


    Now that the undeniable fact of such an arrangement has surfaced, of the “permission to operate” granted by the GGMC on 4th March, 2016; this for all intents and purposes, absolutely tarnishes the Minister’s character, irrefutably, and especially with reference to her saying she has “handed over the mining business to her daughter having the same first name as her”….the National I.D. # independently confirms this undeniable fact. My God…this definitively qualifies as yet another massive corruption scandal unfolding!!!!

    • Col123

      Thanks for taking the time to make your point. I suspect that Pres Granger is relying on his advisors for guidance and may just procrastinate to make simple decisions…Simple issues just keep festering and festering causing a lot of brusing to his image….

      • MEMES Unlimited

        It is way beyond mere OPTICS now, my friend, this is real crunch time since so many are suffering so badly to feed, clothe, house and educate their families adequately. Businesses are folding rapidly, large and small, people are out of jobs related to those same businesses shuttering, policy declarations are so conflicting from time to time and by varying officials….it is beyond dizzying!!!!

    • Emile_Mervin

      I hope, for Minister Broomes’ sake, that this is a mistake. That is to say, that the Simona Broomes mentioned in the application letter is her daughter who shares the same first and last names.

  • KassemB

    ‘Broomes applied for mining-related permission while Natural Resources Minister’
    And did not breach the Ministerial Code according to the President
    What is the purpose of the Ministerial Code?
    Can someone explain the teeth in this Code and who they are applied to?

  • Emile_Mervin

    I hope, for Minister Broomes’ sake, that this is a mistake. That is to say, that the Simona Broomes mentioned in the application letter is her daughter who reportedly shares the same first and last names.

    • Col123

      EM: Are you advocating keeping it in the family if this is her daughter’s request?..Ms Broomes is another govt official tainted because of several missteps of Mr Granger and his merry men …Guyanese are fools. They voted for fleas and leeches for a government, the past fifty years .,.call it what it is

  • Col123

    Mr Harmon,Ms Broomes, Mr Jordan (who was Mr Jagdeo boy in the intertwined “informal” economy)Mr Nagaraman looking suave in his Armani…drug money in the public coffers when Mr Jagdeo was booted…The PPP playbook in action, directed by educated geniuses…disguised a politicians…

  • MEMES Unlimited

    Dear sir, thank you for your valued objection since maintaining balance is most important when variances occur, seemingly as obstacles, to continue towards one’s goals and projections. Please, allow me to respond accordingly as follows:
    1. “with regards to the tragic accident, assuming you are correct”…..
    In fact I am correct since my research is usually quite thorough and expansive to discern empirical facts as opposed to theory and unfounded opinions. I googled E. Hopkinson’s name to ascertain and drew the conclusion. Check it and you may find additional facts;
    2. “indicate where the minister has abused her office for private gain” is in fact accurate and correct, by way of the act “of patronage and nepotism”. The minister is on record indicating that in order to offset any perception of corruption that she has handed over all of her assets and daily mining business to her children, and furthermore, said her daughter has the same first name that she has. HOWEVER, the Nat I.D. # stated on the document is in fact the minister having concluded an agreement March 4th, 2016….she is already perched on the slippery slope;
    3. as far as pseudonyms go….they have been used for centuries, and still currently in vogue for various reasons, with one significant advantage; allows for a more objective analysis of the message serving to keep the messenger free from harm and death….”put forward your name and stand behind your words” is scary stuff coming from you and I don’t want you to “buss up meh mouth”. Quite frankly sir, I am no lightweight nor pushover, and I seriously doubt your capacity to handle me….seriously!!! These blogs are not meant to be an action in a court of law, but my “facts” are drawn from various reliable sources, premises are derived and final conclusion arrived at accordingly;
    4. your assumption that “the claim holder bears none….zero responsibility for the actions of the miner” is utterly fallacious, invalid and has no merit, whatsoever. Again, engage and do the research, peruse the GGMC website, talk to a few buddies in the industry and enlighten yourself. THE VERY REASON THAT BOTH NAMES ARE ON THE PERMISSION DOCUMENT INDICATES THAT THEY ARE BOTH ON THE LINE…simply put. Secondarily, I daresay that if it was in your adopted home country, the prosecutor would go after the miner in criminal court and the other attorneys would go after both parties in civil court for compensation….and more so the property owner. Should a building collapse occur in North America the lessee is not the sole target but primarily the property owner also, in criminal and civil courts….but, life is cheap in Guyana?!!
    5. The Donald Trump cross reference with the minister is not even worth discussing, a moot point regarding extreme wealth in hand before as opposed to someone now seeking their place in the sun.
    Thank you for your time, sir do enjoy.