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PPP to participate in Independence Anniversary Flag Raising

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP), which played a significantly leading role in fighting for Guyana’s independence from Britain, will be participating in the 50th Independence Anniversary Flag Raising Ceremony.

“We will be attending the Flag Raising ceremony because we believe that will be a very important event,” Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo announced at a news conference at his party’s headquarters, Freedom House.

The event is billed for May 25 at D’urban Park aback the 1763 Slave Rebellion ‘Cuffy’ Monument.

At the same time, Jagdeo hopes that President David Granger will use the opportunity to pay tribute to the architects of Guyana’s independence- the PPP’s Cheddi Jagan and the breakaway People’s National Congress’ (PNC) Forbes Burnham.

Following the split in the PPP in 1955, the Americans and the British had conspired to ensure that British Guiana was granted independence under Burnham’s PNC because of fears that Jagan would have facilitated independent Guyana becoming another communist satellite state in the Western Hemisphere second to Cuba.

Jagdeo expects that Granger will use his speech to announce a clear pathway for social cohesion,  a green economy and tackling racial and ethnic discrimination. “We will be listening carefully to that speech to see if it addresses all of these issues and many more that I am sure that our people are waiting to hear answers for,” he said.

Guyana attained independence from Britain in 1966.

  • Emile_Mervin

    Jagdeo hopes Granger will pay tribute to founding fathers of independence…
    Jagdeo expects Granger will tackle racial and ethnic discrimination…

    And Jagdeo had 12 years to those and more, yet…he spent his time filling up on public funds and resources and prostituting the country like a pimper’s paradise.

    Now the Chinese owner of Baishanlin could become a naturalized Guyanese but try to make it look like the agreement between his company and Guyana fell under rIles governing agreement between Guyana and China.

    Which Guyanese can go to China and do what Baishanlin has done? How many Guyanese are naturalized Chinese?

  • george wiltshire

    Come on you know no matter what they say it would not be right. The only right thing they could say for you is “look you are the only person who could rule this country.

  • Emile_Mervin

    Incorrect response, Chuck. We must recognize the role of investors, but we must also recognize the right of the host country to get something out of the investment.

    Baishanlin struck a deal to conduct forestry research for two years with a basic permit, but without even getting a full license, it wound piggybacking or renting then acquiring logging concessions, mining for minerals, acquiring lands for housing development, acquiring a hotel structure, shipping out lots of logs and yet did not set up a promised wood processing facility.

    Acquaint yourself with the full facts and we can ride this discussion together. BTW, I have a right to be angry, but I have no room for the hate.


  • Emile_Mervin

    My point is that Jagdeo had a chance in 12 years to honor the founding fathers and he didn’t. The PPP actually took a State building and converted it to a library and research center for Cheddi when there were other Presidents. Get my drift now?

  • Col123

    Too many unproductive comments here squabbling on this single news about the Jubilee…Guyanese acknowledge everyone’s effort in making the celebration a success …we remember all those who made the sacrifice to get us here in the mess we have in this country…to those not celebrating, we recognize your need to work today and your efforts to put food on your table for your family…in the meantime , we will party and wine down…see you in the morning for a cup of sugar and a small piece to see me through next paycheck….