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Five charged with murder of Professor Mars‎

Five teenagers on Tuesday appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts charges with the murder of Professor Perry Mars.

Mars was found bound to a chair in his home last Thursday evening.
The five teens, who had their matter heard in camera were not required to plea to the charge when it was read to them by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan. They are a 15-year old, 17-year old Nikita Dover, 16-year old Carl Chase, 16- year old Andre Benjamin  and Orin Anthony McRae
Only Chase was represented by Attorney at Law, Stephen Roberts from the law firm, Hughes, Fields and Stoby.
Reports indicate that the teenagers had gone to the professors home earlier on the fateful day. It is alleged that the five killed the Professor and stole several items from his home. Mars’ cause of death has been listed as manual strangulation.
At the Court-house on Tuesday a commotion ensued as the murder accused were brought to stand trial. Relatives and friends of the five teens shouted at media operatives and others who had gathered to catch a glimpse.
Some of the relatives fought back tears and visible frustration as the five were led to the court room to answer the charges.
As the crowd grew the police summoned support to cordon off the area for prisoners to be transported. They are scheduled to return to court on June 14.
  • KassemB

    ‘It is alleged that the five killed the Professor and stole several items from his home.’
    For how long they will enjoy that loot?
    Is a person life so cheap now?
    What is the appropriate deterrent?
    Who will be the defence Attorney?
    How much will the Attorney make?

  • Lancelot Brassington

    Morally reprehensible but it does not carry the death sentence. For that matter who knows if they are just saying that to gain sympathy or if they were advised to say it.

  • Ashley Singh


  • Obama [email protected] • 12 hours ago

    Did you ever stop to consider that the professor was having sexual relations with the 2 teenage girls who are minors? 1 STUPID OBAMA IS ENOUGH

  • george wiltshire

    Was he having sex with the boys as well. There was no one in the group to say let us not kill him.