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“I have done nothing wrong” – Broomes defends transfer of dredge to children


Natural Resources Minister Simona Broomes

Natural Resources Minister Simona Broomes

Junior Natural Resources Minister Simona Bromes is defending her decision to transfer mining assets to her two children after concerns were raised about a possible conflict of interest at the weekend.

Broomes at a Monday morning press conference, made it clear that the process was devoid of corruption as she detailed having written the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) to initiate the process and later having her children complete the process.

“I am not responding to individual persons attack I am just giving clarity to the Guyanese people…I think that what is circulating out there at this time it is deliberate attempt to besmirch me,” said Broomes as she maintained “I have done nothing wrong.”

In fact the Minister pointed out that contrary to the reports, what happened was not the transferal of a mining permit but rather the simple transfer of a dredge.

“All I have done is transfer a dredge that was in existence for decades it has nothing to do with a permit,” she stated.

“While my children are in the sector they have no other door to go through but the right one…I think it is very outstanding that a Minister has a child towing the line and going by the law,” Broomes added.

She reminded that should a situation arise where a conflict of interest may arise she will not be the person handling such issues but rather Minister Raphael Trotman.

Asked whether the President or any senior official recommended the transfer, Broomes responded in the negative.

“I am not the person that would be dealing with anything if something comes up… in the best interest of all he (President Granger) knows and expect that I will do the decent thing,” said Broomes.

  • Emile_Mervin

    Commonsense says Ms. Broomes should not have cabinet-level natural resources portfolio if she or her children have investments in Guyana.

    Political ethics also say that BEFORE a person is appointed to a cabinet post, s/he should declare any investments in areas over which they may have ministerial oversight, just so there won’t be a conflict of interest appearance.

    • Col123

      Common sense?…Political ethics?… moral code?…come on EM!…couple prayers and God will forgive her…

    • eddie

      common sense dictate that the government should have vested all appointment properly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you see in Guyana no one use there common sense as long as a position of authority is at stake there is no patriotism or sense of moral value and she is not the only one!!!!!! it a chorionic problem that is been exercise by all political party hence the heavy corruption that take place in this country “and as the old Guyana saying goes THE MAN IN THE STREET” well that what they will always be the man in the street because the trickle down economy will never address there need….

  • Col123

    Wealth distribution after the days of royalties, emporers, czars…etc…now it is for the so called crooked “politicians ” and their families… How different is this from the distribution of wealth among the elites , following the break up of the Soviet Union?…Guyanese now have low class folks who think that they are royalty …

  • Col123

    She is doing just fine!..Sainthood is within her reach

  • Emile_Mervin

    Not knocking her track record, which has been well publicized. Just saying she should not have ministerial oversight for an area in which her children have investments. But then again, this is just my opinion.

  • cuffy

    welcome to the PNC, new Broomes sweep clean,Witchhunt oh yeah,,,

  • Col123

    Jagdeo will pass on and his castle will be a visit site for tourists…your massa mentality is showing…Guyana is fo Guyanese … Not for oligarchs!..she has no business in her position… period?..she too will pass on an leave can continue with throwing “mala” on those you mentioned …I do not have to suck up to anyone…like you do…when it comes to race or my wallet!…go and do the PNC freedom fighter job…you can pass muster…

  • Col123

    Birch..You must be wishing…

  • Emile_Mervin

    No one is perfect, but that does not mean we should not help each other strive for that ideal. I prefer this coalition over anything associated with a Jagdeo-led PPP. However, certain actions by this coalition this early in its tenure demand we know when to be constructively critical so it can adhere to its campaign promise of CHANGE.

    From what I read of Ms. Broomes, she comes highly recommended. The issue is with a appointing her to a cabinet post, which has oversight for an area is which she had investments and then passed on to her children.

    We rightly criticized the appointment of Ashni Singh’s wife as deputy Auditor-General, because she would be essentially auditing her husband’s spending. And even when the PPP regime tried to tell us it re-wrote her duties so she won’t be handling such audits, it did not wash with us.

    Let us be fair, meanwhile, in understanding the government belongs to the people and not the party running the government, so people have a right to disagree when they see fit. Not all disagreement, however, equates to outright or blanket opposition.

  • Emile_Mervin

    A minister can influence her colleagues. It happens even in business world. Nevertheless, conflict of interest prevention measures are introduced to prevent corruption of any type that directly or indirectly benefits self or others. The only way around such measures are laws, rules and regulations that specifically allow for exceptions. In Guyana, the minister cannot be cited for any violation if no conflict of interest prevention measure exists.

  • eddie

    YOU HAVE NO MORAL GROUND TO QUESTION ANYONE,,,,,, hall you ass and park it in the corner ………… you masquerade as someone that think he /she know what there are talking about but your dialogue is shallow

    you are nothing but the village idiot! this is the first time you actually identify yourself

  • MEMES Unlimited

    The absolute fact is….the GGMC/Ministry of Natural Resources, was and still…IS THE MOST CORRUPT and CORRUPTIBLE GOVERNMENTAL ENTITY in Guyana; period…outside of the illegal drugs trade.
    There is some much money/gold to be made, and gold’s luster has this negating effect of bringing out the worst in the best intentioned of people. Bear in mind that most of the “theft” goes down off the beaten path in the bush/back dam and not just relative to actual gold product but also to land holding assets unlawfully expropriated from individuals and handed to close family and friends. Do the research and hear the tales of woe.

    In accordance to strict international conventions of moral and ethical conduct, for cabinet positions especially; the junior minister/senior minister and by extension, the President, just don’t get it….handing off to one’s children, immediate family members, absolutely disqualifies that official from holding that position based on all, and I mean ALL of the many possible positions of conflict, interpersonal entanglements with “friends”, that may arise, whether real or imagined.
    The Granger administration is at an important juncture of the life and history of this nation. For the first time in our history, a political coalition organization has championed an ideal of a new paradigm of transparency and accountability as its fundamental core platform undertaking, and by God, He/They can take us places we have always dreamed of.

    I desire with all my heart that the President (the financially incorruptible person I think he is) refocus and stay the straight and narrow path and accomplish this most important MISSION, of his life. And in closing, the Minister has to be relocated for the very sake of the success and intent of the President’s most important mission accomplishment….this, simply put, is absolutely yet another very messy dilemma unfolding.

  • eddie

    there you go again with your self gratification you anoint yourself as intelligent and nothing is wrong with that but you should stay quiet because the minute you express your thought you let the cat out of the bag and your stupidity is on full display here a little tip for you I will let excellence to be judged by an impartial observer ,,,

    i told you on numerous occasions already that; on my worse day
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you see what I mean on the above because you are having too many of these “WORST DAYS” LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL I still do like ur pretty legs so you are right the frothing at the mouth is all about the legs,,,, i am waiting over to you