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Lazy public servants will receive lazy person’s salary – Pres Granger

President Granger received the long awaited report on Friday

President Granger received the long awaited report on Friday

A sound warning was issued to Guyana’s Public Service corps on Friday as President David Granger warned that the Government may be looking to pay public servants according to their work and the manner in which that job is done.

President Granger made the statement while receiving the Report from the Commissioners of the Commission of Inquiry into the public service.

The Commission was convened in August 2015 and was to look at several aspects of the public service including remuneration.

The absence of the final report has stalled negotiations between the Government and Unions over increases for public servants in 2016.

Mr Granger hailed the report as a “landmark study” noting that will pave the way for the future of Guyana’s Public Service.

“We have to move back to a standard by which the performance of individuals is relative to performance and pay,” said the Head of State adding “many people who expect that there is going to be some bonanza will expect that the bonanza will come from their own efforts…If they want to be lazy they will get a lazy persons salary…if they work hard they will be rewarded.”

The report will now be studied by the APNU+AFC Cabinet with copies being disseminated to the Leader of the Opposition, and the relative workers unions.

The President said that after the report is discussed at cabinet the Ministry of Social Protection and Ministry of Finance will take steps to engage the unions on the salary increase for public servants.

  • Emile_Mervin

    In the political world, lazy public servants don’t deserve lazy persons’ pay; in the corporate world they ate sent packing. The problem with politicians is that they sometimes reward loyalty in the name of performance or they run the double standard jig on people.

    How do you, while seeking votes for elected office, promise public servants 20% pay raises and make no mention of raises for yourself, then mere months after you get elected, you give yourself a raise, not based on performance, but based on a contrived argument of dissuading corruption? Meanwhile, the public servants are given bonuses that are not pension able or attached to their hourly or monthly pay rate!

    • ExPPP_Man

      PNC never won an election in Guyana, and will never win one. So Granger trying his best in his one term presidency. However he is taking a step in the right direction here.

      • george wiltshire

        This is a lesson to each Guyanese. Do not play politics with your job. Those of us who love decency will still vote for Nagamootoo. Granger will be too old to run again. I would rather him or Ramkkaran who unfortunately would be too old. Any person than Jagdeo who is inept and corrupt to the core. Even if he does not get the president he will control from behind.

        • ExPPP_Man

          You comparing the Minister of Newspapers with the 3 time former president ? You gotta be shallow

          • Emile_Mervin

            I will take ANYBODY over Jagdeo!

    • Surujpaul Rampersaud

      Emile, you are so correct. Incompetent persons have no place in the corporate world. Will the President use this as an excuse not to give the Public Servants the promised salary increase? It is a known fact that in Guyana, most public servants are anti PPP. Many of them followed a policy of non cooperation as was the policy of the APNU/AFC. This is now a lesson for Public Servants. Do not play politics with your job. Be a professional. Years ago there were merit increases in the public service and ACR were done where supervisors meet with those they supervised on goal setting and performance enhancement. If these no longer exist the President as the nation’s CEO must have his minister work with the PSU to restored or have them properly done. Pay living wages then call the shots.

      • Patriot

        Pay to be based on performance for other public servants… but not for the ministers who …grabbed a 50% raise one mont on the job because they had the POWER!!

        Do these people not see the irony? they cannot be that cluless, surely. This, coming from the President to gave his cronies a 50% raise after 1 month in office – so that they will not be corrupt !!! Can only happen in the Banana Republic of Guyana’.

        It’s been a year since the 50% grab.. who will Granger have rate the performance of his band? the cabinet band themselves?

        And will they give themselves another ‘corruption index increase’ of 50%? I mean it’s simple…the pressure to be corrupt must have increased.. so the boys and girls in Government surely deserve another 50% for keeping their hands out of the cookie jar…. it’s only fair.

        The civi servants do not seem to get it…. performance means ‘how are you performing on the ‘corruption index’. !! They better learn and start increasing their performance in corruption if they want any increase at all !

    • rs dasai

      Good piece.
      Similarly to the MPs getting a 50% increase not to steal, is it fair to say that Public Servants should get a 50% increase to improve their performance?
      I eagerly await the Report’s comments on why Public servants were not performing.

  • KassemB

    ‘Lazy public servants will receive lazy person’s salary – Pres Granger’
    First good news
    Guyana will no longer go bankrupt
    Public service payroll will now nose dive

  • ExPPP_Man

    I am an anti-PNC person, 110% anti-PNC, but I am with the President on this one.

    • Col123

      Ex PPP? …anti PNC?…You are with the KKK?…

  • MEMES Unlimited

    Oh my God….if that isn’t a shot across the bow….then, oops we hit the ship instead…its sinking.

    This has to be qualified as authoritarian conduct; demeaning and belittling. Public servants just barely survive on small salaries (as per our small economy), and now with His Majesty’s performance review….take less…..”thank God you still get something”…..small.

    By logical extension this administration with its failing grade performance should also have similar pay cuts, on a percentage basis, of course….ask John Q. Public to deliver the performance review results.

    • Col123

      “His Majesty”?…!!!…hey…you can’t do that!…not fair…that was my line…

  • KassemB

    In which case we will not implement
    We will just gaaf about it