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Former Guyana-born US professor killed, items stolen

Professor Perry Mars

Professor Perry Mars

A Guyana-born  retired United States (US) professor was Thursday night killed at his home in Prashad Nagar and a large quantity of valuables were carted off, police sources said.

Dead is 75-year old Pairadeau “Perry” Mars, a former professor in Ethnic Studies at the Detroit, Michigan-based Wayne State University.

Investigators said his bound and gagged body was found in his study at his home located at 395 Bissessar Street, Prashad Nagar at about 7 PM by his wife, Joan. His mouth, hands and neck were  taped.

The perpetrators, including women, were seen leaving Mars’ home with several suitcases in a vehicle believed to have contained booty.

Mars’ killing is the latest serious and high profile crime, although the Guyana Police Force and the Ministry of Public Security have said that the statistics show that there has been a decrease in serious crimes.

Having studied history at the University of Guyana and Carelton University in Ottawa, Canada, he went on to work at Africana Studies at Wayne State University. He was also credited with developing an international academic exchange project between Africana Studies, the College of Urban Labor and Metropolitan Affairs (CULMA), and the University of Guyana.

  • Emile_Mervin

    Still going home for the Jubilee Celebrations?

    What exactly will you be celebrating?

    Instead of spending millions on a hollow celebration, why not fix the crime problem? WHERE ARE THE BLASTED JOINT PATROLS PROMISED IN JUNE 2015 AND DECEMBER 2015?

    Then there is the JOE-ker threatening to sue Kaiteur News for daring to ask questions about his trip to China, which trip was supposed to be about the outstanding US$5m in GT&T shares. To this day Guyanese don’t know where the money is, even after it was disclosed JOE-ker found documents showing the money was paid.


    • Charles Selman

      EM, I walk the streets in Guyana. There is a feeling of doom and gloom.
      As a country, we are not moving forward.
      People blamed Hoyte because he had no tolerance for crime. Granger says do not shoot the criminals. Whose side is he on? What crime did Mars commit?
      We cannot sleep in peace in the village where I live.
      God help us.
      Quite frankly, many of these miscreants would have been put down a year ago.

      • Emile_Mervin

        When I read where intruders set homes on fire to kill occupants , I knew Guyana has crossed the threshold into the land of demented!

  • rudeo

    And to think that we are paying a Minister of Security and Vice-President….with a 50% raise in pay on top of that… for change

  • RLSG

    The whole coalition government ought to resign .. this is getting ridiculous .. Guyana has further digressed into hell and the government cannot protect its citizens. Why would anyone want to move back to that god-forsaken country ? Instead of shelling out $300Million to celebrate they should be using that money to upgrade, train and hire more security personnel including the police force. NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN ONE YEAR .. a clean Georgetown does not guarantee the safety of its citizens from thuggery, banditry and robbery. Instead of coming to the US to celebrate those government ministers need to stay home and protect the citizens .. enough already !!

  • minutes after making a withdrawal from a Robb Street, Georgetown bank, a Charlestown pensioner was pounced upon by a lone gunman on Wednesday and relieved of the bag containing the money and other personal items. According to information received, Ron Ramkarran, 75 I HOPE IS NOT RALPH CHA-CHA.

  • Emile_Mervin

    This is a committee of five horse carts…still waiting for horses to show up!