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Rodney COI report handed over to Speaker

The report being handed over to House Speaker Dr Barton Scotland

The report being handed over to House Speaker Dr Barton Scotland

Attorney General Basil Williams accompanied by Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan on Wednesday morning presented the Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Barton Scotland with a copy of the Report of the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry which would be laid in the House for debate.

This is after the report was presented to the Government in February after close to two years of public hearings on the assassination of the Historian and political figure on June 13, 1980.

Speaking at the handing over, Williams stated that upon receiving the report from the commissioners the president set in train a roadmap which would lead to the report being presented to Parliament.

“We have no difficulty in laying this report over at this time,” said Williams.

The report is being laid over just one day before Opposition Chief Whip Gail Teixeira is supposed to bring a motion to the House for the Government to stop delaying and publicize the report.

“We don’t consider that there was a delay I just indicated to you there was a process,” he emphasized.

The Attorney General pointed out that the manner in which the COI was conducted has led to a “bizarre result.”

“A lot of injustice was done to certain persons who would named during the process and really were not afforded the opportunity during the currency of the inquiry to give evidence,” said Williams.


  • KassemB

    ‘Attorney General Basil Williams accompanied by Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan on Wednesday morning presented the Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Barton Scotland with a copy of the Report of the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry which would be laid in the House for debate.’
    A document AG Williams and the President try their utmost to air brush from history

    • Emile_Mervin

      On this issue, I side with the coalition! This is a contentious report because it identifies no particular person as being responsible, but broadly blames the PNC, which many who lived through the Rodney-Burnham era knew or strongly suspected. It us an insult to us that hundreds of millions of dollars were spent and we are none the wiser about the actual masterminds.

      Hopefully, the coalition learns from the mistakes of the PPP on this one and does a better job when a COI into PPP operatives collaborating with Roger Khan to carry out extra-judicial murders.

      Ronald Waddell was murdered cold-blooded as a prelude to the cold-blooded murder of Sash Sawh, but the cabinet minister who was informed by Khan minutes after Waddell was killed did not know the real goal was not Waddell, but Sawh.

      The PPP is drowning in the blood of scores of Guyanese; many of whom were not even a threat to the corrupt PPPs hold on power.

      • george wiltshire

        The day I see Jagdeo publicly give his life to JESUS will be a good day for Guyana. In the meanwhile I am not holding my breath. He will do it again.

        • rs dasai

          Je who?

        • Col123

          GW…the KKK gave their lives to Jesus…you must be proud!

  • MEMES Unlimited

    The fact that it is indeed handed over and will be available for public viewing is good enough for me….it shows democracy is alive and well, regardless of the small delay and inevitable opposition pressure.
    What shall be revealed is anybody’s guess; non-specifics more than likely, then over to the interpretive perception gurus. I think the public’s perception will weave a tale of “hidden” masterminds and henchmen, specifically due to the abrupt and unilateral termination of testimony undelivered by additional key witnesses…”Skip” Roberts (and others). Perception would have been tempered and assuaged had the AG and President requested some interim report update and then negotiated some alternative reasonable timeline for completion…….unacceptable precedent for future COI’s.
    Again, million of dollars spent has zero validity and is utterly unacceptable regarding allegations of injustice and “murder” for that event of international proportions and worldwide condemnation. Likewise, just as such sums of money spent still does not specify legal culpability of PNC/Burnham as masterminds…..the insinuation of “Roger Khan/cabinet minister/blood of scores of Guyanese” is representative of aspersions, innuendoes and conjectures. I feel that the USA govt. was primarily interested in Khan for drug running and not necessarily about internal law enforcement issues….don’t expect too much from them in that regards.

    • Emile_Mervin

      1. The media provided running coverage of each day’s testimonies, so there is nothing in the report that will be jaw-dropping.
      2. Why spend hundreds of millions of dollars to create perceptions in people’s minds when finding the actual masterminds should have the focus?
      3. Do you know Cheddie appointed Doodnauth Singh as Special Prosecutor into the Rodeny murder and in 1996 Singh filed a murder indictment against Gregory Smith and no one else, yet nothing from Singh’s files ever found its way into the COI hearing?
      4. If you think a COI into Roger Khan’s association with PPP cabinet ministers and other officials represent aspersions, innuendos and conjectures then you have no regard for the sanctity of human life.
      5. Guyana is a sovereign state and, whereas America may have been interested in Khan solely for drug running, it is in Guyana’s interests that surviving relatives of those killed by Khan’s Phantom Squad be given closure to unsolved killings of relatives.
      6. America has already made clear it stands ready and willing to help in this matter, including releasing testimonies from various players in trials of both Khan and his attorney. Judge Dora Irrizary actually told former GDF captain that she wants to read his book whenever he decides to write what he told her in court about the political situation in Guyana under Bharrat Jagdeo.

      • MEMES Unlimited

        Dear sir, I am certainly not saying (nor implying) that +400 Guyanese killed has no value…absolutely not!!!!
        Your response partially highlights variations of the interpretive perception on both sides of the political/ethnic divide.
        1. The Rodney CoI initiated by the PPP actually represents a wonderful huge opportunity for all concerned since it cuts both ways by opening a pathway for other CoI, heretofore, never actualized in Guyana;
        2. leading to my fundamental point of the flaw of the Rodney CoI of early/unilateral termination regarding monies spent and other important witnesses excluded that serves to create an unbalanced situation going forward into future CoI’s, especially allegations of extra-judicial killings;
        3. and even such future CoI, as the Rodney CoI, is only a preliminary phase not conducted with judge and jury without the sting of incarceration and other potential civil penalties attached;
        4. that is exactly why large sums expended is a moot point when seeking to identify the players involved and events pertaining to such allegations of criminal conduct leading to possible subsequent criminal prosecution;
        5. and now that the die is cast with this first CoI, the opposition cannot credibly object to a CoI for extra judicial killings, etc.,…crying out “witch hunting”, irregardless of who is directly culpable, as may be later determined in a court of law;
        6. and in fact Commissions of Inquiry basically reports findings, extends technical advise and then makes recommendations for the basis of possible future criminal proceedings to commence;
        7. Doodnauth Singh’s indictment against Smith had no basis in reality since he could not be extradited from French Guiana, merely a gimmick for public consumption but set the tone for the later CoI…merely a political tool, whilst not legally binding serves to sufficiently stir up public sentiment offering some minimal closure for aggrieved parties;
        8. and as Judge Irizarry indicated that she wanted to read Clark’s book (some testimony with reference to his unlawful conduct!?) regarding Jagdeo’s political conduct in Guyana…and no mention, whatsoever, of offering assistance to Guyana’s law enforcement with other criminal investigations outside of drug exports to America….they, rightly so, are primarily after the drug barons to disrupt the Guyana gateway outlet.
        In closing, and I think you may agree, what is sorely needed in Guyana is a South African/Mandela style “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” for all parties concerned to have some decent semblance of closure and for a true realistic improved social cohesion…..certainly retroactive to the PNC “1964-1992” era perceived by many as a significantly destructive/disruptive period. Many of the culpable players and witnesses have died and even witnesses alive may refrain from offering testimony in court. The new political model posited by this administration of transparency, accountability and morality, is commendable, IF executed correctly, to create a level playing field of economic opportunities and advanced ethical and moral behavior conduct which must occur for the sake of our very survival.

  • rs dasai

    Very informative last sentence by The AG?