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Stabroek Market vending: Red Thread accuses Mayor, Town Clerk of double standards; calls for compensation

vendor_voteRed Thread, a women’s rights organisation, on Thursday accused Town Clerk, Royston King and Mayor Patricia Chase-Green of double-standards on the removal of street vendors.

“When the previous Town Clerk was in office and wanted to remove the vendors, this current Town Clerk and Mayor were fighting against it. Now they are in power they are doing the very thing they condemned not so long ago. It is their approach that we are strongly against,” Red Thread said.

Red Thread called on the Chase-Green, Deputy Mayor Sherod Duncan, King, the  Councilors, and the Guyana government to “immediately  ensure that the vendors regain their livelihoods with compensation for their losses.”

The non-governmental organisation said if an unclean environment is a major reason for the vendors removal, then anti-litter monitoring personnel should have been deployed. On the other hand, if vending is illegal, Red Thread said adequate provision should have been put in place to accommodate the vendors who are mainly poor female and male single parents who are “scrambling honestly to earn a living to ensure the survival of themselves and families.”

The City Council has been preparing a plot of land at Hadfield and Lombard Streets owned by a city businessman to accommodate the vendors for the next three months after which they would have to remove.

The cleared, cleaned and reorganised Demico House- Stabroek Market area.

The cleared, cleaned and reorganised Demico House- Stabroek Market area.

The organisation questioned whether the displacement of hundreds of persons from their livelihoods that allow them to send their children to school, pay bills, rent, repay loans to lenders like the Institute of Private Enterprise Development (IPED) and other expenses   amount to a “good life” that they had been promised in the run up to the May 11, 2015 general and regional elections. “This government promised “A BETTER LIFE FOR ALL” . Is taking bread out of poor peoples’ mouth a better life?”

A small group of vendors Thursday afternoon picketed outside Parliament  Building while the National Assembly was in session. Placards held up by the group of mainly women included “Royston King, Damn Blasted Liar,” and “We voted like a boss, now we be treated like an ass,” and “We vote for you, you must stand for us. We have to live.”

The City Councillors plans to hold a meeting with vendors Friday morning at City Hall.

There have been mixed reactions about the clearance of the Stabroek Market area, with many passersby praising the move because the area is clean and there is a reduce risk of being robbed. Large amounts of food boxes, bottles, other types of solid waste and silt have been removed from the drains around Demico House.

The Routes 41, 45 and 46 buses as well as vendors have been removed from outside Stabroek Market.

However, bread and phone card vendors crawl out after sunset to eke out a living.

  • Emile_Mervin

    I was home a few years ago and judging from the pictures I am seeing of a cleaned up Georgetown, I think the government is on a good path. What is needed is better management planning from beginning to end of any undertaking before starting the undertaking. There must also be enough consultation to both allow for sharing of the plan and accommodation of alternative or adjustable ideas. I could not understand what sort planning went into the relocation of Stabroek road vendors to someone’s private property only to see the owner padlock the property.

  • rudeo

    The issue is not removing the vendors….if that restores some order to the way we do things then no quarrels….clearly the bumble bees King and Chase-Green messed up big time… is so trivial to reason that alternative arrangements must be in place before any moving could be done….are our so called Caesars so bereft of common public school logic and learning?….dont they feel stupid when primary school children can condemn their levels of intelligence and wonder why the insane are outside and the sane are in fact institutionalized……what crass ignorance….and we shouted with glee when Chase-Green and Duncan were placed in positions that they certainly are not qualified to hold….bbbbooooooo!

  • ExPPP_Man

    Good move, time to bring some order to the chaos there.

  • Mr. Selman. Stop seeing yourself as a victim. All comments are moderated periodically. Yours is not the only one on the waiting list. At the time of writing this mail, there are nine in the queue.

  • Gtloyal

    The present M&CC apparently wants to restore some order but it clearly has not taken everything into consideration. They must consider this shortcoming in future planning if they are to be successful.
    In the meantime we encounter critics of the opposition who insist in maintaining the status quo which, if not maintained, will surely go back to the former condition of caos, delinquency and garbage.
    Can we se the opposition for once proposing some solutions that would benefit the people.