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Stabroek revamp in quagmire; owner padlocks gates to land assigned to vendors

As the City Constabulary continued to seize the stalls belonging to vendors in the Stabroek Market square, the gates to the land they were supposed to occupy were padlocked.

On Monday the bus parks where changed with distinct modifications.

Vendors could be seen still attempting to secure their belongings as officers from the City Constabulary did their work.

However another situation arose as the owner of the plot of land vendors were to occupy at Hadfield and Lombard Streets padlocked the gates to the compound.

Demerara Waves understands that the owner paid off his rates and taxes and moved in to secure his land.

Deputy Mayor, Sherod Duncan Tuesday morning visited the land and talked with a nearby businessman as part of a fact finding mission to determine the ownership of the property.

It is understood that the owner or the land is Hareshnarine ‘Chinee’ Sugrim.

It is unclear whether the City Council was granted permission to occupy the land.

Demerara Waves will be bringing you more reports as the situation unfolds.

  • Emile_Mervin

    This is quite an embarrassing turn of events in a story that appears fraught with controversy from the get-go. How did the City Council arrive at the decision to use a specific plot of land for re-located vendors only to have a businessman show up and secure said land? And the fumbling, stumbling and bumbling continue…

  • rudeo

    Pack of idiots…..masquerade all year round…..what can I offer young minds as careers in administrative positions…..bumble bee bumble bee oh! let me bumble and bungle…..APNU/AFC …..a pot-pouri of mistakes one after the other….seems everyone wants to outdo the other in the bumble bee games

    • MEMES Unlimited

      Very aptly put…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!……LMAO

  • Surujpaul Rampersaud

    It is quite surprising that the City Council is trying to find out who owns the land. This is a joke. Are we living in topsy Turvy land.