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One held, two wanted for Wakenaam businessman’s murder

Investigators are searching for two prime suspects in the shooting death of a Wakenaam businessman in Georgetown earlier this week.

A senior police investigator would only say that one person has since been held in connection with the gunning down of 26-year old Mahendra Persaud.

Persaud was killed after he resisted bandits who were trying to take away a bag of money that he had in his possession.

After shooting Persaud at the corner of Robb and Alexander Streets, the men fled the scene without the money.

Police are confident that the other suspects would be arrested.

Persaud was shot dead two months after he married a lady at Good Success on the Essequibo island of Wakenaam.

  • SYL

    More of the same! People stop walking with tons of cash, unless its from the washer in the laundry, and walk with family and friends, if you much have wheel barrows of cash.

  • rudeo

    since when is $700 000 a wheelbarrow of cash?

  • george wiltshire

    It is time we help the bandits to know that they will be caught. Show them that they will be hunted and caught. They should be on display for the world to see. They chose to give up their rights.