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Gov’t still hoping that good sense prevails in Red House land squabble


Attorney General Basil Williams

Attorney General Basil Williams

The Government says that it has not given up hope that the Board of Director of Red House will soon come to it’s senses and allow all nine of Guyana’s past Presidents to go on display at the facility.

Upon assuming office close to a year ago, the APNU+AFC had revealed that under the Former PPP/C administration, a prime piece of land on High Street was leased to members of the Party.

The property was leased to the Cheddi Jagan Research Center for 99 years at a rate of $12,000 per year; which is $1,000 per month.

Government’s contention is that the building should not only be used as a research centre for Former President Cheddi Jagan, but for all those who would have occupied the Presidency in the annals of Guyana’s history.

Attorney General Basil Williams on Thursday told reporters that there is still hope. He said that a team from Government met with the Board and discussed several possibilities.

The Company had proposed that a rent be fixed for the property but the Government is not inclined to facilitate such a prospect.

“They wanted to rent it so as to only house the former President and a library,” said the Attorney General.

He described such a move as selfish and unmindful for the rest of Guyana’s past Heads of State.

“We feel that it’s not really to have one past president to be using – to be alone situated on that red house which is on prime land it reeks of selfishness,” said Williams adding that he hopes the “PPP would show some maturity in this matter and that good sense prevails.”


  • Emile_Mervin

    The coalition is a cackabelly! Imagine it is the government yet the PPP is making it look weak. That Red House is State property, so the government can take it back and let the PPP take all the stolen money and build Cheddi his own library if the PPP thinks only Cheddi deserves a presidential library.

    • rs dasai

      Right on. Let us find all that ‘stolen’ moola and build each past President a Library. Now what should be done with the ‘potential’ stolen moola?

  • george wiltshire

    Well the APNU seems afraid to appear dictatorial. Who could have been more dictatorial than jagdeo. Now APNU be careful the message the pppc is sending to the supporters is after one term wewillbeback in power. We will deal with those who left us. The time has come for Granger to treat with jagdeo and others as they oughtgo be dealt with. Treat those guys with the disdain they deserve. Let those who want to leave them know that they need not be afraid. Mr Granger that the average Guyanese do not want to see jagdeo again. He is bent on stealing power by all means.

  • Lancelot Brassington

    Give them three months to come to their senses and if they don’t, then seize the blasted place and use it for all nine presidents. Do you think the PPP would dare go to court to have the other eight presidents ‘evicted’. Even barbarians like Jagdeo, Ramotar, Texiera, Manikchand and Rohee know that that would look and sound very bad. At any rate, there are lawyers in the coalition camp that would make mincemeat of that babbling windbag of a Senior Counsel aspirant. The guy who solicits partners for his uncle.
    The PPP could best honour Jagan by returning all of the thieving money. That would be the ultimate honour.