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Article on transfer of GA2000 hangar to BK International retracted; apology issued

Demerara Waves Online News hereby retracts the insinuations, allegations and contents of a previously published article that the Minister of State, Joseph Harmon might have been involved in ordering the Cheddi Jagan International Airport transfer the GA2000 hangar to BK International.

Demerara Waves hereby further issues an unqualified apology for any harm and or hurt that said publication may have caused Minister of State, Joseph Harmon.

However, Demerara Waves Online News stands by its account that the hangar had been previously earmarked for transferral to BK International.

A statement by the Ministry of the Presidency issued on Thursday, April 14, 2016 confirms that a decision by a previous CJIA Board was considered by the new Board, but the proposal was shelved because of the need to relocate other entities at the airport to facilitate the expansion.

“The new Board of Directors would have looked at the proposal… it was placed on hold because we have the expansion of that airport taking place and we realised that some of the operators had to be relocated… we would have had to find a temporary location for them to operate and the hangar is one of the considerations so that as we speak is actively being pursued,” CJIA’s Chief Executive Officer, Ramesh Ghir was quoted as saying in a statement issued by the Ministry of the Presidency.

As stated in our earlier report, the Minister of State was at no time named as the person issuing such an instruction.

Ghir was also quoted by the Ministry of the Presidency that BK International Incorporated as saying that during the life of the previous Board of Directors, submitted a proposal for rental of the GA2000 hangar.

He further stated, that though the Board had favourably considered the proposal, during a meeting, no decision was communicated to Mr. Brian Tiwarie or his company.  According to Board papers, which the Ministry of the Presidency has seen, in September 2014, the Board of Directors of CJIAC approved the Rental of the GA 2000 Hanger for a period of six months to BK International Incorporated.  However, the contract for this approval was never executed. Therefore, there is no agreement for BK International Incorporated to rent the GA 2000 Hanger.

The Guyana government Thursday categorically denied that the Ministry of the Presidency had ordered the transfer of a government-owned hangar to BK International but confirmed that the new Board of Directors of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) shelved a previous decision to do so because of expansion works at the airport.

Chief Executive Officer, Mr Ramesh Ghir added to this that subsequently, with the change in Government and the appointment of a new Board of Directors, the proposal was once again considered but it has been since deferred.

A well-placed source on the Board of Directors could not say where the original decision was made to hand over the hangar to BK International, but said it was shelved to allow other entities such as Camex and New Timehri Handling Services to shift their locations to the hangar to facilitate the expansion.

The Ministry of the Presidency’s statement said Minister of State, Mr. Joseph Harmon, has categorically denied that anyone from the Ministry of the Presidency has at any time “ordered the CJIAC [Cheddi Jagan International Airport Corporation] to transfer the GA2000 hangar to BK International” as reported by the online news outlet, Demerara Waves.

The Minister said that no such instruction was given and went on to say that CJIAC and its Board come under the direct authority of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure as has always been the case.  He called the report ‘wicked and malicious’ and designed to ‘feed the frenzy about his connection to Mr. Brian Tiwarie’.


The CEO went on to say that he had spoken with Mr. Dennis Chabrol of Demerara Waves via a telephone call and indicated that Mr. Tiwarie had not been officially granted the use of the hangar, either by rental or for purchase and that he was one of several operators who had expressed an interest in using the facility.

When asked directly, whether he had ever received any instruction from anyone at the Ministry regarding this matter, Mr. Ghir declared, “No, I have never had any such instruction from anybody. At no time was any instruction received from Ministry of the Presidency to transfer GA 2000 Hanger to BK International Incorporated”.

The Ministry of the Presidency said it was extremely concerned that in the rush to publish sensational stories media outlets are not exercising due diligence and this is irresponsible and can be perceived as malicious when it is not supported by fact.

  • Emile_Mervin

    Okay, retraction accepted!

    Now, where is the government’s explanation for stating, via Granger, that Harmon’s trip to China was in connection with the outstanding balance of US$5m on GT&T shares bought by a Chinese company in 2012, only to have Harmon learn that the payment was already made, yer no one knew when or to whom?

    To compound that shocking discovery, Harmon then released a statement that his trip to China was to seek out Chinese investors. Nothing in any of his releases, to-date, addressed the status of the GT&T shares balance of payment.

    And the media in Guyana are not asking this very important question, which could lead to other questions about BKs real purpose for his trip to China.

    Was BK paid for the state lands he acquired under the PPP then sold the Chinese with an IOU?

    Was the money for GT&T shares actually paid to BK?

    Was BK in China looking to buy a plane?

    If no to the last question, then what exactly was his advisory role while in China?

    And what were the specific goals and roles of others that traveled to China around the same time?

    • SYL

      Sounds cool , FACTS ,FACTS ! TRANSPARENCY! FOLLOW THE MONEY, HONEY TRAIL. PRESIDENTE KEEP YOUR PUNCHES UP NO LOW BLOWS AND BRO. HARMON KEEP IT CLEAN.There is enough money for all, keep greed out and remember the youth , the poor and those who inked their fingers to put you in POWER.

  • Emile_Mervin

    UPDATE: This article was first published seven days ago and, since then, fresh information has surfaced showing that Minister Trotman disclosed Minister Harmon found documents stating the outstanding US$5M was paid BEFORE May 11, 2015 (Election Day).

    When he found it is not clear, but there is still a discrepancy in the true identity of the actual Chinese buyer that can be as easily resolved by identifying the date of payment, the receiver and the bank that cashed the check. US$5M is a huge sum of money, so it cannot just be slipped into some unnamed account without detection.

    It boggles the mind that Harmon would travel to China to inquire about the money only to be told the money was already paid over a year ago, then when he returns to Guyana it is revealed he found documents that support that payment. PRODUCE THE DOCUMENTS SHOWING THE MONEY WAS PAID OR FOREVER BE HELD AS SUSPECTS IN A COVER-UP TO HIDE WHO HAS THE MONEY. Granger is allowing this percolating volcano to eventually erupt.

    Supporters and apologists for the coalition have to stop this foolishness of blindly defending the coalition (or even attacking others) when one or two persons are screwing up for potentially personal gain. Something is not right with the information on this GT&T shares fiasco and rather than spin webs of lies and deceit, the coalition should come clean. After all, time will reveal everything.

    • rs dasai

      So why did the ‘Forensic Audit Report’ of the trained and much experienced auditor,Mr. Goolsaran has this amount unpaid? He is the competent professional to address this matter of the ‘Case of the Mi$$ing Moola’. Keep the fire hot.

  • Emile_Mervin

    I am not worried about the previous administration at this point; it’s this administration that I am worried about. The man who should have been answering questions here is Winston Brassington, but the coalition let him leave Guyana for Florida despite this unresolved issue and questions about other transactions. At this point, the daylight that once distinguished the PPP and coalition is fading quickly, and observers have long started concluding there are elements in the coalition who were feeding at the trough of corruption under the PPP. Granger either remove the Albatross or the Albatross will remove him.

  • rs dasai

    Hey Guys.
    Easy matter. Let the Payer show proof. They are looking at the horse from the rear.
    And ????