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GWI trashes PPP extortion claims

GWI CEO Dr Richard Van West Charles

GWI CEO Dr Richard Van West Charles

The Guyana Water Incorporated is not too pleased with a press statement issued by the People’s Progressive Party at the weekend and is refuting its contents in its entirety saying that it was irresponsible and malicious.

The statement issued by the Party had alleged that Heads of Government agencies were demanding that contractors donate monies towards projects being undertaken by the Government / and or agencies.

In the release the Party stated “we have evidence of the head of an agency within the Ministry of the Presidency being in meetings with members of the private sector to seek donations of $12M to carry out certain works.”

GWI CEO Dr Richard Van West Charles at a press conference on Monday morning confirmed that the agency being referred to was the one under his watch while stating that the amount stated was the very amount GWI had raised to build wells in Region Nine.

“Two weeks ago I appealed to contractors and I appealed to them as citizens…I appealed to them to make donations for the drilling of wells in the Rupunnni,” he said adding that there was “no threat of them being blacklisted.”

Dr Charles said that he basically appealed to the humanitarian sides of the contractors that were present whilst reminding them that the donations would be of national import since the existing wells in the Rupunnni are drying up fast.

We want to make it clear in terms of where GWI is because this article seems to paint a broad brush in terms of heads of agencies

Mascood Ahamad and other contractors

Mascood Ahamad and other contractors

“They made donations as far as I was concerned – voluntary,” he said while seated in a room with some of the contractors that made contributions.

The CEO slammed the allegations “reckless and untruthful” while being clear that GWI was prepared to return all the funds that were donated.

While those gathered made no indication that they were willing to accept the funds once returned one contractor was particularly vocal about the issue.

Mascood Ahamad, of Ahamad Construction, said that he would not be collecting any funds from GWI.

He made it clear that was asked for funds and saw the cause as being of importance and was more than inclined to donate the amount he donated.

“Is a simple thing…You (Dr Charles) didn’t demand the money,” Ahamad insisted. (Jomo Brusheildon Paul)


  • Emile_Mervin

    If what the PPP is alleging is true, then the coalition should cease and desist from this practice because not only is it wrong, but the same contractors will talk if it is true. That’s just the nature of Guyanese politics: nothing in government remains a secret.

    However, the irony here is that the PPP regime awarded hundreds of millions of dollars to PPP-friendly contractors who, in turn, either did no-show or shoddy jobs while walking away with millions. Many of these contractors then became financial donors to the PPP. In short, the government funded the PPP activities vicariously through a variety of conduits.

    Laugh-out-loud funny that the PNC came out of the PPP yet they attack each other for identical practices.

    • ExPPP_Man

      You keep repeating one mantra – PPP did the same thing. If it was wrong when the PPP did it, how come it is now right when your PNC uncles are doing it ?

      • george wiltshire

        Certainly you heard the man say it was wrong then and now. He further said it should stop. What more do you want him to say? Note he pointed out the wrong doings of your friends. What do you have to say to that?

        • Emile_Mervin

          You detected my point but the dullards couldn’t!

  • rudeo

    whether voluntary or not….asking businessmen for donations is setting yourselves up for return of favours… businessman gives away anything for free…it must be for a profitable return….particularly those who are not kith and kin…you know exactly what I mean

    • Emile_Mervin

      Taking financial donations from corporations and citizens is not uncommon in some democracies, but if there is evidence of quid pro quo deals, corruption charges can be filed.

  • Parbudin Mackanlall

    Drilling wells is the government’s responsibility. If the government wants donations to be solicited for such operations they should do the solicitation themselves not coerce officials to do it. Or was Van West acting under his own steam? At any rate, this type of thing makes the government beholden to people and needs to stop immediately. More and more this government seems to be embracing unconventional practices.

  • george wiltshire

    I am still waiting to see Granger’s action on his buddy Harmon. The forty days are approaching. See the JESUS results