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Govt urges adoption of communities

The private sector and other players in society are expected to adopt communities across Guyana as part of efforts to develop sustainable development, Minister of State Joseph Harmon said Saturday.

“The business community, individuals, associations and other groups should be encouraged to adopt communities to help address issues affecting them and promote their development,” he told the opening of a Community Development Seminar at St. Stanislaus College, Brickdam,  Georgetown.

He explained that government envisages that the idea would link resources to meet sustainable levels of development. In his presentation titled “Community Development Organisations and Local Democracy,” Harmon hoped that sponsors would be inspired by several models around the world to engage communities.

The Minister of State envisages that the adoption of communities will lead to the establishment of community business enterprises as individuals, cooperative societies or corporations, assistance with entrepreneurial training, management and monitoring of projects and other deliverables and the facilitation of training in contract bidding and government procurement procedures.

Government further hopes that the adoption of communities will lead to the introduction of Information and Communication Technology tools for the modernization of communities, promotion of the establishment of local radio and television outlets and the promotion of art and literature through writing village/community histories as an exciting pastime and as a business.

President David Granger has already expressed the hope that towns would be run like corporations and reduce their dependence on central government for support.

  • Gtloyal

    There are so many good ideas or at least ideas that sounds good but so long as there is that feeling that politicians at both the local and national levels are involved in corruption and corrupt activities or the general crime of corruption no one will put their money up for anything.
    We want to be optimistic but we all know that traditionally Guyana is corrupt and most likely will continue to be so since no government has ever had any interest or intention of stopping it. With each government it tends to get worse. With this one, time will tell.
    Like Jane, communities will most likely remain orphans for a looong time more.

  • rudeo

    this can be fraught with a lot of undesirable happenings…..adopting communities can create enclaves….better than and less than… can immediately predict that agri-based communities will race ahead with development at the expense of lagging industrial-based communities…tell me…who will adopt Linden?

  • Gtloyal

    “… the fall out from recent happenings …” is only a small part. The looting of our everything during the last two decades and their apparent absolution by the present authorities, notwithstanding the “guilty” verdict in the court of public opinion is the main reason.