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One arrested following shoot-out with police at gas station robbery

One man was Friday in custody and an illegal gun and ammunition seized as part of investigations into an armed confrontation with bandits during a robbery at a gas station.

Police said that at about 2:30 AM  Friday April 15, 2016, three men, all armed with firearms, entered the Shell Fuel Station at McDoom, Georgetown, and held up the security guard and three female employees and took away a total of $51,000.00 and a cell phone.

“While the robbery was in progress the police were informed and responded promptly. On arrival at the scene the ranks came under fire from the perpetrators and returned fire. The men managed to escape into the village after the exchange of gunfire,” police said in a statement.

Police said during searches in the area, they picked up information that led them to a house at Mc Doom where they found an unlicensed 9mm. Glock pistol with 35 matching rounds and twenty six (26) .32 rounds.

The man was assisting police with investigations.

  • george wiltshire

    Iam glad the policezrenow free to resolve crimes. Under the last government crime was a tool to tell bottom house meetings that it was the PNC supporters. They were so able to influence the minds of the hapless that they began to plan crimes to suit the doctrine they had been fed or were feeding.

    • Charles Selman

      You truly believe that?
      Aren’t you doing the same: State of denial?
      Tell me: In which communities do we find the criminals?
      You know, we are like ostriches. We bury our heads when the blame points to our camp?
      Must we lament at what the PPP did or should we focus on what we shouldn’t do in the national interest?
      Let your conscience be your guide.