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BK Tiwarie lashes out at Pres Granger for “impulsive” dismissal

Brian Tiwari.

Brian Tiwari.

Brian Tiwarie has come out swinging at President David Granger and several sections of the media over his appointment as Business Advisor to the Minister of State, Joseph Harmon and the subsequent reportage on the said appointment.

Both BK and Harmon have come in for sound criticism from several sections of society as persons condemned the Appointment that was made in light of the fact that Guyana has a Minister of Business.

In a detailed press statement on Monday, Tiwarie said other Government officials have made several such appointments and relating to those there is an absence of a sustained campaign and public outcry.

The businessman said that the President should also seek to rescind those appointments and not his alone.

“Maybe in the interest of fairness the President should revoke all of those too and for the very reason given when he acted impulsively in revoking the appointment at a time when Minister Harmon was out of the country.  It may well be that in quieter time the President may have an opportunity to reflect upon the propriety of impulsive decision making,” the statement from BK noted.

President David Granger

President David Granger

Tiwarie also stated that he was not receiving any funds for his appointment as would have been suggested by political commentators.

“Needless to say that Mr. Tiwarie’s efforts in this capacity are ‘pro bono’,” he said adding that “the fact of the matter is that Minister Harmon “appointed” Mr. Tiwarie as his personal advisor on business.  This he is entitled to do and by virtue of Mr. Tiwarie’s business acumen, such an “appointment” can be seen as nothing else but legitimate decision.”

He said that his relationship with Harmon predates APNU, the May 2015 elections and his appointment as Minister.

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon.

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon.

“The truth of the matter is that a political struggle is underway between various elements in high places and the Tiwarie so called appointment is being used by many to achieve their objectives. He is rightfully perceived as quiet, powerful and influential even more than the now famous Luncheon and this has provoked the struggle for power, for influence, for turf,” the release stated.

The Alliance For Change has already called on the President to strip Harmon of some of his powers as Minister of State.

  • Emile_Mervin

    Pssssttt! Hey, BK! Don’t tell anyone, but you were impulsively fired because you were impulsively hired.

    It was a national embarrassment for the President to learn, the same time as the rest of the nation, that you were hired as a Business Advisor.

    Then you put exposed your ignorance, last week, when you said you were hired as an advisor to Harmon and not the government, yet it was not Harmon who revoked your appointment, but the head of the government. You obviously had no idea how stupid you sounded then, because now you are piling on the stupidity by saying the President acted impulsively.

    At the rate you are carrying on, it seems you believe Joe Harmon has more authority than David Granger, and this is a very dangerous sign. As has been observed over the past 11 months, the government seems to be run by Harmon from within the Presidential Secretariat.

  • ExPPP_Man

    30 Afro Guyanese were appointed advisers to President Granger – not one comment. Just because a Coolie man got appointed pro bono – WW3; I hope the Indo-Guyanese that voted for the “coalition” are watching closely.

    • Col123

      Why don’t you haul your racist a$$… What does race have to do with any thing…get a life … Go argue with the racist shootist and bora on SN blog!!!

      • KassemB

        Be careful Col123
        That ExPPP_Man may not be who you think.
        From his blogs he could well be one of your lot (die hard extremist) fanning the flame for open confrontation.

  • george wiltshire

    Well familiarity breeds contempt. This government is failing to walk the talk. Come Granger where are your spiritual advisors. Ask yourself if you will gain or lose if you let Harmon go? You are serving a nation. Remember what the others did. They appointed Kwame to the children commission e end though he was a homosexual. Now you have sponsored a child molester. It is not right in both cases.

  • Col123

    Harmon wears his pocket..the man’s bread is buttered… he may choke on it one day!