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Guyana Chronicle Editor in Chief to be suspended for photo-shopped front page


Nigel Williams

Nigel Williams

The Editor in Chief of the Guyana Chronicle will soon be proceeding on leave subsequent to a decision by the Board of Directors.

The Editor in Chief, Nigel Williams was found responsible for the publishing of a doctored photograph of President David Granger in the National Park.

As explained, the imaged was photoshopped to remove two Afro-Guyanese children replacing them with photos of two Amerindian children.

In a published apology, the Guyana Chronicle said its “intention was to show the President at two different scenes mingling with Guyanese. It is regrettable that a photo-shopped image was used instead of a composite photograph.”

However, at a meeting with the board of Directors and the Editors on Tuesday, blame for the error was laid sqarely at the feet of Williams.

It is understood that while Sunday Editor Neil Marks would have approved the publishing of one photograph, that decision was overruled by Williams.

front page

The photo-shopped front page photo

Hence the disciplinary action will be taken against him.

When contacted, Chairman of the Board Jean La Rose did not confirm that Williams would be suspended nor did she deny.

She said “I can’t give you any information now.” However sources within the entity have confirmed that Williams will soon be proceeding on suspension.

Efforts made to contact Williams on the suspension proved futile.

  • Emile_Mervin

    This is yet another reason why the state needs to get out of the media business: unnecessary censorship. What would the state do if a private newspaper published a photoshopped picture of Granger’s face on the body of Mr. Universe? Nothing!

    It was an editorial judgment call intended to portray the President as a man for all races. A warning would have sufficed. In fact, thus pales in comparison to what Harmon did, and Harmon won’t be suspended.

  • Col123

    Suspension?…for that!..what next? jail for publishing a publishing a picture with his fly partly zipped?

  • Emile_Mervin

    Good point, wrong context! If the photoshop featured the President’s head atop some body or object intended to bring disrepute to or poke fun at the President, I could resonate with disciplinary action. But in this photo, the aim was to sell the President as a man of and for all races. As for journalists around the world, the focus is not cartoons, but content for accuracy of information in the news. BTW, I have seen newspaper cartoons that portrayed Obama in extremely poor taste or unflattering light, and there was no disciplinary action or lawsuit.

  • rudeo

    and the jokes continue