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Chase-Green struts to mayorship; Duncan follows as Deputy

After the March 18 Local Government Elections, Patricia Chase-Green was Friday, April 1, 2016 elected Mayor of Georgetown.

Chase-Green who was a former Deputy Mayor will be the fourth female Mayor of Georgetown as she replaces Hamilton Green.

Her nomination was made by Oscar Clarke and was seconded by Alfred Mentore both of whom are APNU Councillors.

Her nomination went unchallenged.

Duncan was elected immediately after being the youngest Deputy Mayor for the City of Georgetown.

Both Chase Green and Duncan won their constituencies with landslide victories at the recently concluded polls.

Previous female mayors of Georgetown include Dorothy Bailey, Beryl Simon and Mavis Benn

More details will follow in a subsequent report.

  • eddie

    this appointment right here make everything that this president say sound hollow, where are the changes that was promise because all I see is the recycle from one crook to another ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, did the PPP leave behind there mode of operation it sure look so!!!!!!!! come on,,,, you guys have to start working form your playbook that you had during the campaign

    • rudeo

      Murphy’s law….” The more things change the more they remain the same”

  • rudeo

    research the name Dorothy Bayley….Lord Mayoress 1967 – 68…among others