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“Is half a million dollars honorific” – Teixeira calls out Gov’t on shady appointment of advisors


PPP Chief Whip Gail Teixeira

PPP Chief Whip Gail Teixeira

The People’s Progressive Party is not happy with the manner in which Presidential and Ministerial advisors are being appointed by the David Granger administration and is calling for some amount of transparency on the issue on the part of government.

Recently the appointment of Brian Tiwarie aka ‘BK’ as a Ministerial Advisor on Business raised some questions. It was revealed that BK was appointed on January 29 but the revelation was only made last week by a local newspaper.

The next day the government rescinded the appointment without any explanation but Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo and Business Minister Dominic Gaskin revealed that the appointment was not sanctioned by the Cabinet.

In his defense, Harmon said that the appointment was merely “honorific.”

When questioned on Thursday, PPP Chief Whip Gail Teixeira was not satisfied with the answer given by the Minister of State.

She stated that during the consideration of the estimates for Budget 2016, Ministers were specifically asked about their advisors; however they refused to provide the information in the National Assembly.

She pointed out that there are several other appointments that have not been made public. She named one such person as Eric Phillips.

“This habit of the government which appears to be a growing habit of not telling people anything this is a very dangerous pattern emerging and the government needs to correct itself,” said the PPP politician.

When it was pointed out that the titles are honorific, Teixeira questioned whether the appointees were being paid and given the full benefits afforded to normal advisors.

“Is half a million dollars honorific…The advisors are not honorific. They come with monies they have diplomatic passports,” she stated.

. (Jomo Brusheildon Paul)

  • The Viper

    Honor + Terrific = Honorific

    So.. how can i get honored this terrifically?

  • Victor

    Is Harmon the President or Granger. I mentioned before, Harmon is going to cause this Government a one term Government. Mr. Granger needs to wake up.

  • rs dasai

    Maybe shady, but transparent.

  • rudeo

    B K Tiwarie did not beg for this “horrific” appointment…..he has enough clout as the leading contractor to land mega projects…..machinery and cash capital

  • Gtloyal

    Gail, if you and your people had not made so many shady deals all over the world when you were government, we would not have had a minister taking advantage of our situation today to employ so many “honorific” advisors to go places like China to supposedly clean your mess … or, like you, to have a free ride to prosperity and, who knows, Pradoville 3.
    And thanks to your party for making China another county of Guyana … we now own all their land … gold and wood more than Chinee.