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Store owner shoots burglar

A suspected burglar was Wednesday night shot to his buttocks in a store on Charlotte Street, Georgetown.

He has been identified as 35-year old Jermaine of ‘D’ Field, Sophia.  He has been hospitalised under guard at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.

The Guyana Police Force said in a statement that  he allegedly broke into the Lisa General Store, Charlotte Street, Georgetown, and during a confrontation with the owner, who is a licensed firearm holder, he was shot.

  • Col123

    The store owner wasted a bullet..a lousy shot….Now the taxpayers will have to carry the burden of feeding,housing and clothing him for years…

    • rudeo

      human rights activists would strongly disagree

  • ExPPP_Man

    I remember a story book in Primary school. The man clap a shot in the seat of his pants according to the story.

  • Col123

    Gt: “and during a confrontation with the owner,”……self- defence on the part of the owner..!!!

    • Gtloyal

      As a man on the street I want to agree with you but I must look also at the technicalities and how it can affect this case in a court of law.
      As I said before it would be interesting to have some legal authority educate us for we are seeing these “confrontations” daily.

  • rs dasai

    Yes, only use guns with ‘reasonable’ force for protection.

    • Gtloyal

      That’s the essence of the law, my friend. Call it being just, call it being stupid, such is the law.