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Georgetown kite-flyers to pay to use open-spaces

Persons flying kites in open spaces in Georgetown will have to pay to do so to assist with preparation of the areas and clean-up activities afterwards.

“Citizens who use the areas would be required to pay a minimal fee to offset expenses, and to assist with after event cleaning activities,” the City administration said.

In a release, City Hall did not disclose the amount of money to be paid and opted only to say it would be “minimal.” Several calls to the Town Clerk, Royston King’s office went unanswered and a City Hall spokeswoman did not immediately provide the information.

The open spaces for which payment would be required to fly kits are the seawall, Merriman Mall, Roxanne Burnham Gardens playground, East Ruimveldt, Evan Phillips Park Agricola, West Ruimveldt, Burnham Playground in Kitty, Lamaha Gardens  Ground and Durban Park.

City Hall said it was the Mayor and Councillors who were finalizing arrangements to facilitate the traditional kite flying activity in observance of Easter. However, the life of the Council has come to an end to make way for the holding of Local Government Elections held on March 19, 2016.

The City’s administration said it would be enhancing the aesthetics of its Municipal grounds by weeding, cleaning, and placing sanitary facilities and refuse receptacles.  This is necessary to allow Citizens to dispose of their waste in environmentally friendly manner, and to ensure environmental integrity.

“It has been observed that after public events, public spaces are often left in an insanitary manner. The Council is urging persons who would use the ground to utilize the facilities that would be made available.”


  • Emile_Mervin

    Paying to fly kite Guyana? That is not only a first, but it raises the question of selective discrimination if no other municipality in Guyana is charging citizens to participate in this rich pastime called kite flying.

    Ironically, it is the coalition folks that are behind this bizarre idea. The PPPs path back to power looks easier, no?

    • Col123

      It is the “power”…and “massa speaks”…lets see how they will get the kids to pay up!

  • ExPPP_Man

    He Burnham turning in his grave at the atrocity of these incompetent people.

  • RLSG

    Wow … now you must pay to fly a kite in Georgetown .. pay to park … I wonder what next they will come up with …

  • Investor

    An unbelievable move by the City Council and one which should be resisted fully. Frankly, I’ll be heading up the Coast outside of the Georgetown boundaries and say good riddance to the city madness.

  • Emile_Mervin

    If the PPP getting back to power reference is all you grasped from my post, then you missed my more salient point that asking kite flyers to pay to fly kites is another in a series of calamitous decisions by this coalition and its representatives that seem to confirm a disconnect from the ground. If the coalition keeps on making these calamitous decisions it will only be undermining itself.

    • rs dasai

      The fee is not to fly kites, it is to use the ‘facilities’ (?). Yes?

      • Emile_Mervin

        In another online medium, it was reported that drivers will pay to park in the Botanic Gardens, but in this online medium, it is about using open spaces to fly kites. It seems like the end goal is making money even though there is no sitting City Council.

        Who arbitrarily made that decision, and how does it stack up against a decision made last Easter by Sooba to charge folks to use the seawall only to see Mayor Green react in anger?

  • Col123

    Tax on a symbolic religious pastime????

  • rudeo

    vote for change….the beginnings of things to come….hurrah