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Prisoners take to Facebook to complain about meals, treatment

Food served to the prisoners

Food served to the prisoners

Even as a Commission of Inquiry into the Camp Street Prison unrest is ongoing prisoners from the Georgetown Camp Street are taking to social media to voice their concerns over the treatment being meted out to them at the prison.

Three known inmates of the Camp Street Prison have taken to social media, some to express their concerns about the current development at the prison, other just to be a part of the social networking online.

Inmates Carl Brown, Dennis Stephen, and Collis Collison all have Facebook profiles that can easily be accessed by entering their names on the social media website.


Inmates of the Camp Street Prison

The surfacing of these online accounts are particularly important when one takes into context that prisoners do not have access to cellular phones in the jail as statements given by inmates the a Commission of Inquiry into the Camp Street Jail unrest.

Brown on his Facebook profile complained about the meals being served to them at the penal center even posting a photo of what he described as Lunch.

“Today midday pan top for lunch eggplant with chicken stew you can’t really see the chicken in the stew. Lol then this is improvement in meals. So imagine what inmates got before this massacre issue, they say we are getting better meal,” Brown said in one post.

In another complaining about food again, Brown displays a “pan top with 2 thin slices of Potato, as set of wheels rice and a little piece of banga Mary fish tail.”

Holding up fish served to inmates

Holding up fish served to inmates

He described the meals as a “total disrespect to humanity,” said that prison inmates need to be fed proper meals that would consist of all their dietary requirements.


Collision and the bags of marijuana

His Facebook friends include several prominent persons from the private sector and civil society.

Over on the profile of Stephen, the inmate regular posts edited images of himself and his children and other items. He also shared posts that were published by his fellow inmate, Brown.

Collison’s Facebook profile displayed prison photos one of which saw him sitting with several bags of marijuana in front of him.

  • SYL

    Where were you all the time Charles ? I made many post along your trend but every one thought I was inhumane. However, your thoughts on the subject matter is well said. I kept saying, do anyone consider the VICTIMS ? 90% of the inmates are to be given hard labor like the inmates in St. Kitts, and Antigua. Grow your own food and clean the streets. Bring back the cat-o nine tail , whip their asses for the atrocities they did to the victims.

    • Col123

      SYL: This approach is more acceptable than the hanging one…

  • george wiltshire

    i could not say it better. These guys have no respect for the system. They are actually showing that they are defying the system. They still have access to a phone or computer while in prison. While I am of the view that these guys should have a better system when dealing with them. They are not in a five star hotel. They shoudl be made to work hard. Their food should be dependent on what they produce. They should be made to make the furniture for schools. They should be used to do things that are meaningful and make a contribution to society. E’g if they work at making furniture and cleaning up some place which was dirty and was given out on a project. The prisoner should be able to get something at the end of his tenure in prison to help him start life when he leaves the prison.
    In the prison there are many persons who go in as naive young men and come out as harden criminals. They are not given councils that could change their lives.

  • They need to open back the farms , let them grow their own food, They must work , they believe jail is a free ride. Bring back the cat o nine tails.